Letters to my Fanny – Cherry Healey

So after reading a few heavy books of late, I wanted to change it up and read something a bit lighter – so Letters to my Fanny was perfect. It clearly isn’t just me that was itching to get their hands on this novel as I had to go to 3 book shops in central London to find a copy! There was several occasions where I laughed out loud on the tube and got some funny looks, even more so when they read the title of the book, some men actually went bright red and avoided eye contact with me after – hilarious!

The book is focused on Cherry writing a letter to various parts of her body from her fanny to her ears covering multiple topics – some hilarious and some hard hitting. She covers masturbation (why don’t we admit it – we ALL do it!) including growing up and discovering her sexuality and her first time – the awkwardness and fear mixed with the desire to do it sums up my own experience and I am sure many other women out there can relate to it.

She openly talks about pregnancy and how she found it (not going to lie her explanation of mastitis has given me the fear of god about ever getting pregnant!) through to the strong desire for her daughter to grow up in a world of equality – writing about the gender pay gap in a real way which was so refreshing to read.

What I found most refreshing was that this book, although touching on some hard hitting topics (which you can feel Healeys passion roll out over the pages) it doesn’t take itself so seriously. I have struggled in the past with some feminist writing being incredibly preachy and forceful – so much so I have seriously questioned how much of a feminist I am but this book is so relatable it made me feel so much more comfortable in my status as someone who wants equality for all.

So if you are looking for a couple of laughs but also some passionate writing about interesting areas which most authors would veer away from – then you should pick this up immediately!

Until next time x


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