How to Pick Your Perfect Foundation Colour

With so many good beauty websites at our finger tips – I find I do more online beauty shopping than anything else. You have more choice and with delivery right to your door it’s easy and efficient – plus you often get a great number of discount codes which can really help you save some cash! But it does come with its disadvantages, especially when it comes to picking base makeup – foundation and concealer in particular!

I feel that after some practice I have finally nailed buying foundation online and at times in the drugstore/high street if the testers aren’t available. So below are my top tips for picking the right colour for you!

Identify Your Undertones
Knowing whether your skin is cool, warm, or neutral-toned is possible the most important part of picking the perfect colour for you. The way I do this is the vein test. Look at the veins on your wrist in natural light, if you are a cool-toned person would have a rosy tint to their skin, with blue-ish veins. A warm-toned person would have yellow or golden tones to their skin and greenish veins, while a neutral-toned person would have a mix between the two and can pretty much wear any shade.

Otherwise you can use the white paper test. If your face looks fresh and bright next to the paper, you have cool undertones in your skin. If you’re face looks sallow — that is, yellowish — next to the paper, you have warm undertones. Cool skin has more visible pink and red.

Many foundations and concealer on the market are labelled “neutral,” “warm,” or “cool,” (such as the Naked Skin concealer) so once you’ve figured out your undertone it will make picking your colour so much easier!


When In Doubt, Go Lighter

If you’re really stuck between a couple of shades and you aren’t sure which one is going to be a better match – then go for the lighter option. You can always bronze up to warm your face. Also, many brand are now doing make-up darkening drops – The Body Shop do a great one or if you’re feeling a bit more spendy, Cover FX do their custom enhancer drops. This way you can mix your perfect shade – these also come in handy when you’ve been away on holiday and you don’t want to buy a few foundation shade.


Check the Returns Policy

Many of the big online companies offer free returns – it is worth checking in advance in case you do get it totally wrong you can get your money back!

So those are my top tips for buying foundation online – if you have any more tips please share them below!

Until next time! xxx



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