House Update – The Move

So as you read this – I will no doubt be ankle deep in boxes moving into our first home! I have documented the journey in finding our house and some of my learnings on the way, so it only felt right to update you all on the last stage!

Firstly, the time from signing the papers and knowing the house was ours to now as gone so quick! I remember thinking it was so far away and BOOM – it is here. As it is a new build, we didn’t have to worry about a chain which was a great comfort – but it did bring up some other challenges.  As part of the sign off process there is so many different certificates you have to have received, then building control sign off before you can move in – and it only takes for one certificate to be late to delay the entire process.

At one stage, we were at risk of our move date being delayed by a week,  but luckily it was all sorted and we are moving on the date we were given months ago – which is rare! A friend of mine has been waiting on an updated move in date for her new build flat for over 3 months – I can’t imagine how frustrating that is as it is all out of your control!

So the recent weekends have been spent packing up the last 4 years – we’ve taken it as a fantastic opportunity to have a massive clear out of some of the random tat that we have accumulated over time! I would highly recommend reading Marie Kondo’s Life Changing Art of Tidying Up before you go on a throw-out rampage – it really gets you in the mood!

Then my tips for packing? Well after clearing out everything, it is about packing up room by room into boxes and labelling them – there really is no trick! What we have done is pack a ‘first day in our new house’ suitcase – so that even if we don’t unpack anything else we have some essentials to get us through… so far we have:

  • Prosecco and plastic glasses (I mean come on!)
  • PJ’s
  • Toiletries
  • Instant Coffee
  • Scissors (for opening boxes and bubble wrap)
  • Bin Bags (for throwing away rubbish at the other end!)
  • Snacks – because…. Well it’s me and I am a snack obsessive
  • Cleaning wipes – for wiping down surfaces and all that jazz

I am sure there will be more added by the time this post goes up!

So as this post goes live I’ll no longer be a London gal – I will now be a country girl and I am excited and a little nervous about the change of lifestyle, but I can’t wait to find out and the fact I get to do it with my gorgeous husband makes me confident we are going to thrive!

I look forward to being able to do more country content, test my photography skills and obviously flexing my interior design muscles! If there are any more house buying content you would like to see or if you have any questions – please don’t hesitate to ask!

Until next time xxx


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