August Favorites Time!

So some of my more regular readers may have noticed I took a week off last week from blogging – for no other reason than I moved house and found I was so absorbed into unpacking and finding new homes for everything that time just slipped me by! But I am back in the groove this week and have posts planned for my usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday slots! Planning in advance is having to be a real focus – because we have zero internet (or mobile signal for that matter!) in the new house so I am having to upload at work!

Anyway – on to the good stuff so here is what I’ve been loving in August…!

1 – YouTuber – Nikkie Tutorials

I follow a significant number of beauty YouTubers now which is why when I came across Nikkie Tutorials I was shocked I hadn’t found her sooner and now I am OBCESSED! Nikkies unapologetic love for make-up is incredible – and her determination to stand up to all the ‘make-up haters’ out there. I find this something which really resonates with me – just because I LOVE make-up does that make me a bimbo, stupid or not smart enough to form real opinions? Heck no! Her transformations are incredible – she started with the ‘Power of Make-Up’ premise – doing half you face to see its true transformative powers. She now does make-up look tutorials from the natural end of the scale through to full on glam. She also has done a number of challenges, full face of liquid lipsticks challenge, only kids make-up and more – worth a watch they always make me laugh and she always looks flawless at the end – I don’t know how she does it! Definitely worth a watch if you’re a make-up lover – also check her out on Snapchat her unboxing and hauls on there usually end badly for my wallet!

2 – L’Oreal Infallible Fixing Spray

Now fixing sprays are an area that I haven’t ventured into too much, and to be honest I was a little skeptical if they actually worked or not! So when I heard a lot of reviews about this affordable option I thought I would give it a go. The spray on this is lovely and fine and it smells lovely and fresh. I find it helps set down all the products together and makes the whole thing look a lot more natural. I do find if you spray on a bit much your face can feel a little tight – but only a few sprays is fine. So does it make your make-up last longer – I genuinely think it does! I am now doing 12 hr days because of my commute and I find that my make-up still looks pretty good when stepping in the door at 7pm! Winner!

3 – Rimmels Crème Blush

I am not going to go on too much about this as I’ve writing a dedicated post to it here, but this little high-street gem has not left my make-up bag for over a month. I have a pink shade and a coral shade and I’ve been reaching for them in equal measure. They apply over foundation like a dream and don’t move anything around unnecessarily and laying powder highlight on top is easy – no clumping or mess! They also last all day and give you a gorgeous healthy flush – I’ve had so many compliments and people asking me what’s on my cheeks! A steal for the price – I demand you purchase now!

4 – Kylie Cosmetics Matte Liquid Lip – Exposed

After the drama of waiting months for my Kylie Cosmetic order (you can read about said drama here!) I have to admit that it was worth the wait for the ‘Exposed’ colour alone. When I’ve been wanting to rock a pure nude lip this month this has been my pick. At first I wasn’t sure as it has a very orangey undertone but on the lips it is gorgeous. It is a true nude – a little more on the brown side so if you’re a fan of pinky nudes you might not get on with this too well. I also find because it is a nude it wears brilliantly, I find the Kylie matte lips easy and comfortable to wear and I find I get a good 3 – 4 hours out of them before having to reapply – which is great in my opinion!

5 – The House (obviously!)

Now I couldn’t do my August fav’s without mentioning our new house! It has felt like a long wait but we are finally in and I don’t think I’ve been this happy – ever! We already feel so settled and I am loving being able to take a blank canvas and turn it into our own. We bought a new build house which we never thought we would – but all our collection of furniture works well and we have bought some new bits which are to die for – I have found myself perusing homeware websites instead of beauty and fashion ones of late! I am thinking of doing a series of home tour posts – one per room with my ‘Fab 5’ picks for each room – what do you think?

So that’s what I’ve been loving last month – very make-up heavy!!! What have you been loving this month?

Until next time! Xxx


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