The Fab 5 – My Most Used Apps

So this is a post I’ve been thinking about doing for a while, and I found myself compelled to write it because due to lack of Wi-Fi or internet signal in our new home, the app’s I use day to day and love have become even more apparent to me since I can’t access them! So these are the 5 app’s that I use daily and love!

IMG_42861 – Snapchat

Oh lord I am a tad obsessed with Snapchat! Not only are the filters super fun, but I love following my fav beauty and fitness guru’s to get snapshots of their day – I find at the end of the day catching up on all their snaps oddly relaxing! If you had to follow anyone I would say follow TheAnnaEdit (formally Viviannaodesmakeup), Nikkie Tutorials and Jaclyn Hill – they are all hilarious in their own way! And follow me – it is normally pics or videos of my cats and make-up bits and the odd adventure places!

IMG_42882 – Pintrest

My usual Sunday morning routine is watching Sunday Brunch and having a good old Pintrest scroll – I love it! I love getting ideas and inspiration and being nosy about what other people are loving, there is something on there for everyone! If you want to follow me to see what I’m loving its Megatron1002 (as is my Snapchat name!)

IMG_42853 – WhatsApp           

I am sure this would make it into a lot of peoples top 5 – I barely use text anymore and what’s app is my savoir – I must send my best friend on average around 1000 messages a week and photos of all sorts! I find it’s an easy way to keep in touch with people and I love the ability to group message, I have groups on there of my anxiety friends who are always there to offer words of support on a bad week, or a group of work people where we just post inappropriate pictures to make each other laugh on tough days! It’s just amazing.

OcadoLogoVU2013-CMYK–primary4-  Ocado  

This is a new find of mine since moving and I am already obsessed. We are now doing online food shops weekly and properly planning our meals – mostly because there isn’t any shops around us so if we don’t were going hungry! It’s also a great way of watching your food budget on a weekly basis! The app is so simple and easy – once click to add things to your basket and it saves your favorites as well as your address and payment details so you can order on the go. I did our entire weekly food shop in under 10 minutes during my commute – now how is that for efficient!

IMG_42875 – Balanced

Balanced is an app I came across when I was undergoing my cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). It is about making sure you plan in to do the things which enrich your life and make you happy. You can choose activities from a range of sub menus – Myself, fitness, appreciation, creativity, confidence and discovery – or you can write your own. Then in the sub menu are lots of options you can plan in – then plan in how often you want to do it. Then throughout the day it will remind you of certain things you’ve selected! I have done ones like ‘go for a walk’, ‘check my posture’ and even ‘take a deep breath’ – and it is amazing how it does prompt you to do those things! I find it’s a great way to keep your life on track and remember your priorities – a great app!

So those are my 5 fav apps that I find myself use all the time, or have really impressed me! What are your favorites – what am I missing!

Until next time xxx




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