Service May Now Resume – A Life Update

So I would love to start this post with ‘I am sure many of you have been wondering where I’ve been’ but in reality, the only person I’ve been getting questions from is my avid reader also known as my husband!

But I have taken a month off from blogging – for some reasons in my control and some not so much, so I thought I would give a general life update before normal service of all things fashion, beauty and lifestyle resume.

So, for those of you who are new here, or who haven’t kept up to date me and hubby recently left the buzz of South London and bought ourselves a slice of the country living dream in Cambridgeshire. We have been here for 2 months now and it’s been an easy adjustment so far,  we adore our house and how we have started to style it up. The slight downside is we are now commuting for work which takes up around 4 hours a day which has been challenging at times – in fact I have been known to fall asleep or try desperately to keep awake during the train journey. Shortly I will be sharing how I use my commute to increase my productivity and what I keep in my handbag to get me through it! What I have found though is that despite the time – being out of London in the evenings has been truly life changing – I feel so much more relaxed and at peace – no amount of time or price can be put on that in my opinion.

However with the fields and fresh air comes a lack of basic phone signal and even Wi-Fi – it in fact took us a total of 6 weeks before BT had finished the works in our area and re-connected us to the world! I have to say if I had known when we first moved it would have taken so long – I think I might have had a mini melt down. What do you mean I can’t keep up to date on the latest Snapchat filters or instagrams? Well you know what? I did it and I survived and I found it liberating! There was even times a few weeks in I left my phone without my house because I wasn’t used to it being surgically attached to my hand! So, have I kept it up? Well I would be lying if I said I hadn’t given in to a couple of bed time scroll-a-thons but on the whole I would say I am less dependent on social media outside of work hours which is super refreshing.

The next thing was I went through another rough time when my anxiety struck again. The flare up came as my husband was in America so I had time to myself in the house for the first time. I found that I felt incredibly lonely which in turn made me defensive and tense – there was a few days when I just wanted to cry for no reason. I believe this came from all my life changes which got on top of me – we didn’t have a huge amount of time to adjust to the new house, commute and schedules between working and him being away. But after a few refreshers of my CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) techniques I was soon back on track and I feel much better now. In fact I feel more at peace than I have felt in years which I totally put down to change of lifestyle.

So, that is my general life update – now me and hubby have figured out our new routines and I am reconnected I am looking forward to getting back to blogging on a regular basis – I will be aiming for 3 uploads a week: Monday, Wednesday and Saturday so keep your eyes peeled. I also have some exciting plans for December and have started scoping out a total design over-haul.

So until next time!

M x


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  1. Woo hoo, welcome back. Life has been super busy for me too so I didnt even realise how long it had been.
    So happy at how you are now feeling and looking forward to your updates again x


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