Cold Weather Skin Saviors – Skincare Updates

The weather has turned, new winter coat has been purchased and the streets are paved with stunning yellow and red leaves – this is my ultimate favourite time of year! But, between cold weather and then far too hot heating on trains I have found my skin is more dehydrated than ever.

I have found that these 3 products have been a real savior and have helped stop me shedding dry skin across London and Cambridge.


The first new addition to my daily evening skin routine has been the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Overnight Hydrating Mask – £28.  This has a gel like texture which sinks into the skin and gives instant relief to parched skin. It has a fresh scent and I find when I wake up in the morning my skin is plump and super hydrated – it honestly has made such a difference!

I have always been a bit skeptical of tissue masks but the moisture bomb tissue mask from Garnier has converted me. This mask claims to intensely rehydrate skin with pomegranate extract combined with hyaluronic acid to give you a boost for up to 1 week! Simply pop on the mask for 15 minutes and relax. What I like about this mask is it isn’t as slimy as some of the others I have tried and I found an instant result and it made a big difference on some of my flaky patches on my forehead and chin. Also for the grand cost of £1 (currently on offer in Superdrug!) these are a great buy – after using once I’ve stocked up – the perfect mask for the colder months!

My colder weather skin niggles haven’t just been on my face – I have found my arms have been dry and bumpy and no regular body butters just weren’t cutting it. YouTuber Lily Pebbles had spoken about Ameliorate and I thought I would give it a try. This is a alpha hydroxy therapy moisturiser which gently exfoliates while intensely hydrating the skin. Now, I won’t lie it doesn’t smell great – it has quite a chemically smell but it REALLY does the trick! After two uses the bumps on my arms were almost gone. Due to the nature of the hydroxy acid you will need to apply sunscreen if you are out and about the following days.

So those are my cold weather skin saviors – please share any you’ve found below!

Until next time


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