Unlikely Hair Saviours

Now when you think of Kiehl’s what do you think of first? Crème de Corps? Ultimate Facial Cleanser and Moisturiser? What about haircare? Not so much? Well me either which is why when I got a sample of the amino acid shampoo and conditioner I kept them to one side for way too long, but upon trying them I am now hooked!

The range is infused with pure coconut oil which cleans the hair while leaving it deliciously soft – even after one wash! I have been having some real hair issues, dry and parched at the ends and incredibly dry and itchy scalp. I also have been using a lot more products on my hair as I’ve been styling it more, and I find this cleans away the residue without stripping the hair – but felt like silk without being weighed down.  They are a little pricy at £16.50 for the shampoo and the £18 for the conditioner – but I think they are a great investment. You can buy the range or read more about it here.

So, if you haven’t already checked out the range – I highly recommend it! Next on my list to try is their intensive hair mask!

Until next time.


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