November Favourites

We are officially in December – the month of all things festive and for me – Blogmas! But November was a busy month – me and hubby were busy every weekend including a gorgeous weekend away in Bruges (city guide coming soon!). So what was I loving this month? I warn you now- it’s a random mix but here we go…

  1. Loreal Colour Riche Gold Obsession Lipstick in Nude Gold

When wandering the aisles of Superdrug I noticed some new Colour Riche lipsticks were calling me – I already love my ‘JoLos Nude’ shade so when I saw they had a gold infused nude I couldn’t help but pick it up. This is a gorgeous peachy nude but with a hint of gold shimmer in it. Don’t let that put you off – it is by no means over shimmery a la Heather Shimmy from Rimmel in the 90s – it’s leaves a subtle sheen on the lips which is just gorgeous. This hasn’t left my handbag since purchase and I am tempted to pick up the red and berry shades which I think will be perfect for the festive season!


  1. Emma Gannon Podcast – Ctrl Alt Delete

I have become a Podcast addict – they are the best thing for my 20 minute’s walk to and from the station and for those sleepy mornings when my brain can’t handle reading, so when I find a new one to tune into I get incredibly excited. This month’s find is the podcast by social media star Emma Gannon named Ctrl Alt Delete – the same name as her book which was published this year (and yes I have since purchased it!). This is a weekly feast of intellectual chats around millennials, the power of social media with a heavy dollop of literary discussions thrown in. She has interviewed some incredible people – my favourite so far being Cheryl Strayed who is most famous for the book and now film ‘Wild’. The discussions are insightful at times hard hitting but it still remains an easy listen – I can’t recommend it enough.


  1. Fudge – Think Big Texture Spray

I have recently only really been styling my hair one hair, the natural beachy wave (thanks GHD’s!) but I was finding by the time I’d braved the elements and commuted to work the waves and curls were no more and instead of looking effortless in a good way – I just looked like id been dragged through a hedge! So, I was on the mission to find the best product which would keep those curls intact but not make them crunchy and stiff and I found that in Fudge’s Big Texture Spray. Firstly – it smells lovely as all Fudge products too but this is the real deal, it kept my waves in all day and they were even semi decent the next morning!

  1. H&M Grey Knit

I recently wrote about this is my knitwear lust list (read here) and this is my favourite jumper of the year. It is super cosy and soft and I love the neckline, it is high enough but baggy so you can hide in it when it’s super cold! I believe this comes in various colours and I can’t tell you the temptation to invest in more! Below is a pic of me wrapped up in it while visiting beautiful Bruges!


  1. TV – Gilmore Girls

Yet again I am SO late to this party, but I recently started watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix and I’m hooked. If you, like me, were under the rock it is the story about Lorelai Gilmore and her daughter Rory who she had when she was 16. It follows their lives in Stars Hollow It follows love lives, family matters with a light, funny tone. It is great, relaxing watching. I also believe that they have brought out an update this month to see where the characters have ended up – so I’ve been reading twitter with caution to avoid any spoilers!


So, that’s what I’ve been loving in the past month! Tune back in tomorrow for another festive themed post!



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