Festive Bucket List!

I love this season, but it’s amazing how busy you can end up and before you realise it all the time hIMG_5368.JPGas zipped by you and you are left with a full tummy on boxing day feeling a little blue that it’s all over! So, to avoid this feeling this year, I decided to write myself a top 10 festive bucket list… so here we go!

Light a fire, bunch of candles and turn on the tree lights and have a festive movie marathon – the perfect thing to get yourself in the festive spirit… and is even better if you combine it with list item number two…


Make a batch of mulled wine and cider and let the smell go all through the house… and drink it of course. Lots of it!


Bake Christmas treats – gingerbread is always a crowd pleaser! Nothing nicer than tucking into homemade treats and they are guaranteed to score you some points if you bring them into the office!

Go to a carol service. Now I am not usually one for an organised sing song but at Christmas I can’t help myself! I also love Christmas music – I am currently trying to convince hubby to let us play a festive radio station in the house so I can start preparing my singing voice!

Visit a Christmas market – let’s face it they are a tad cheesy, the mulled wine is overpriced and the gift options leave little to be desired but something about them is so additive I just love them! It’s also a great way to spend an afternoon with friends, partner and kids.

img_5365Read a festive book – I don’t normally read anything particularly festive so this year I thought why not this year! I’ve purchased The Christmasaurus by Tom Fletcher this year – I plan on starting it as I finish up work and will take me through the Christmas period – can’t wait

Host a Christmas party – Christmas is a great excuse for gathering people together and enjoy some great food and drink. I love hosting but some people find it mega stressful – but it doesn’t have to be! In fact, keep your eyes peeled for later posts about some of my hosting hacks and easy food and drink options!

Buy a new pair of Christmas Pyjamas – This has been a tradition in my family since I was little – you always opened a pair on Christmas eve to wear so everyone opened their gifts next day. To me, nothing beats a festive pair of PJs!

Make my way through the Starbucks festive menu – it has always been a tradition with my an one of my best friends that we meet up on Red Cup day and buy our first festive drink of the season – this year I want to take it to the next level and drink every one of the drinks on offer!

FullSizeRender (1).jpg

Give something back – it is easy to get so involved with the season and forget that there are people not as fortunate as you. This year as part of my work I will be helping put together a Christmas box for a baby in Sierra Leone.
So, those are the things on my festive bucket list! Think I’ve missed anything off then please post below!

Until tomorrow!


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