My Top 10 Christmas Movies!

Fire on, cosy blanket, hot water bottle and a glass of wine watching a festive movie is where you will find me on most Friday night and weekends leading up to Christmas – so these are my pick of my top favourite Christmas movies counting down to my top festive flick!

Arthur Christmas – This is only in the 10th spot as it’s relatively new to the scene but is by far one of the best offerings in recent years. The story follows Arthur who is the son of Santa but isn’t in line for the top job due to being a bit clumsy, but when things get tough he has to step up to save Christmas. A great one for all the family and is definitely worth a watch!

National Lampoons Christmas Vacation – a movie which for me sums up the trials and tribulations of a family Christmas! It is full of laughs and is really uplifting! The scene with the Christmas lights will never fail to make me laugh.

Miracle of 34th Street – Set in the most festive city in the work (New York) a story about a little girl who is sceptical of Santa until meeting the real deal, except he is in legal trouble due to people thinking he is a slightly mad impersonator. A wonderful feel good film that I loved growing up!

It’s a Wonderful Life – If you are looking for uplifting then it doesn’t get better than It’s a Wonderful Life. The film follows George Bailey who things go horribly wrong for and finds him standing on the edge of a bridge about to end it all when an angel shows him what life would be like if he wasn’t born. Sure, it doesn’t sound the cheeriest but stick with it – you will be glad you did!

Love Actually – I’ve been told this doesn’t count as a Christmas film but to me it totally reminds me of Christmas. The film is a mash of several different story lines and all focuses around the different aspects of love – finding it in unlikely places, unrequited love, love of family’s and also heartache. It is amazing and I dare you not to smile and shed a tear during watching!

Home Alone – 1 +2 – now the fact this is only just in my top 5 I am sure will be incredibly controversial! I do love these films don’t get me wrong! Both films focus on the McCallister family who seem to have a bad habit of leaving their youngest – Kevin McCallister home alone during the festive season – in the first at his home and 2nd in New York. Hijinks ensue with great hilarity – another good family favourite.

The Holiday – again another one I’ve mentioned and people have argued it isn’t strictly a Christmas film but I only ever settle down to watch it at this time of year. It centres around two characters payed by Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet who are struggling with love and choose to switch lives between LA and England. The cottage in Surrey in this film has always been my dream home – it is countryside chic personified! A wonderful film which will make you want to cuddle up to your loved one and not let go!

So the first in the top 3 – A Muppets Christmas Carol – now there is no other Christmas song that I can sing every single song along perfectly! A great family favourite take on Dicken’s classic story! I love it so much – I have also been known to listen to the soundtrack on occasion!

Nightmare before Christmas – so a slight alternative choice but it has been me and hubbys tradition to watch this on Christmas eve when we have spent Christmas just us two. A Tim Burton tale which follows Jack Skeleington who stumbles from Halloween Town to Christmas Town – he tries to bring it to the town but gets it all a bit mixed up. G

And now for my number one Christmas film (if you haven’t figured this out yet shame on you!)

  1. ELF!!!! Of course – I am pretty sure it tops many festive movie lists but it’s for good reason! Buddy the elf realises he isn’t a real elf and goes on the journey to meet his dad to New York (there is a theme with Christmas films right?). Watching Buddy get to terms with life in a big city is side splitting hilarious and is now a modern classic – with pretty much everyone quoting the movie at some stage over the festive period. I have so many favourite moments but me and hubby spend more time than we like to admit quoting the random Narwhal saying ‘Hey buddy, I hope you find your dad’ – silly but I love it!

So, those are the movies I will be watching this festive period! I can’t wait! Bring on the late night film marathons!




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