Surviving a Festive Hangover!

With the festive season also comes drinks, and lots of them usually! From work parties, friend’s nights out, family get together and then there is the drinking to try and relax from all the socialising! Well here are my tried and tested (many times over) tips to surviving a festive hangover when the option of lying under your covers all day is just not an option!

We all know that you’re supposed to drink a pint of water before bed, but after a few it is easy to forget. Drinking massively dehydrates you so invest in some rehydration sachets such as Dioralyte (£3.79) add these to a large bottle of water and sip throughout the day.

Alcohol also lowers your blood sugar so breakfast choices are key! Go for something with carbs – toast or cereal are great. Another great tip is to eat a banana – they are full of potassium which renowned for settling stomachs if you’re feeling a little on the sick side!

Next to make yourself look a little more awake – with the dehydration your skin will look a little lack lustre and if your me dark circles under the eyes and bloodshot in the eyes will be a sure giveaway that I’ve had an intense one the night before. One of the biggest mistakes I see is people piling on the makeup when actually, just a few tricks can make all the difference. First – a good moisturiser to put some life back in your skin – Lush’s million dollar moisturiser (£32.50) has a gold pearliest shine which gives you a wonderful glow and makes you look far more awake than you feel. Then it’s under eye concealer – the Maybelline Under Eye Eraser is one of the best and a steal at £7.99. Then add a pop of Rimmel’s scandaleyes liner in nude (£3.99) in the waterline which instantly opens up your eyes. Then mascara and your good to go!

If you are having to work there is nothing you would rather do than sit staring at a screen, but a large amount of hangovers are mind over matter – so try and do those little jobs you’ve been putting off all week but don’t require the heavy thinking – clear down your emails, update reports or spreadsheets. What I will say is always avoid work where you have to make big decisions or start a piece of work from scratch! The good news is if it’s been a work event then the changes of you being the only one in that position is slim!

So those are my top tips for surviving the festive season hangovers which will inevitably creep up on us all!

Until tomorrow x


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