Christmas on a Budget – My Top Tips

This time of year can be scarily expensive – between presents, drinks and events, food and drink shopping it leaves many of us feeling the pinch through January – which also ends up being the longest pay month ever! So below are some of my tips on how to save yourself a little bit of cash this festive period but still have an amazing time.

  1. Suggest a Secret Santa Approach to Gift Giving

This is something my husband’s family have adopted this year and I think it’s great. It works brilliantly for big families or groups of friends.  Simply put everyone’s names in the hat and you pull out one person or couple of buy for – so instead of buying 12 gifts you are buying one! Don’t be afraid of suggesting it thinking people will not be keen, I bet they are all thinking the same thing and just don’t want to admit it!

  1. Give Charity Presents

Not sure what to get someone and they don’t need anything, then a charity gift is the perfect way of spending little but giving something that is really meaningful. Oxfam have a wonderful selection where you can gift a pile of poo for £9 (to help fertilise a family’s garden) to a goat for a family fofr £20.

  1. Make homemade gifts

Making homemade gifts can be a lovely touch and can be much more cost efficient if you make stuff in batches. A lovely gingerbread syrup is perfect for those festive lovers who can use it to drizzle over desert or in a glass of fizz – you can get the recipe here and for those who are savoury people then you can’t go wrong with a festive chutney – this recipe for Cranberry, Pineapple & Date chutney is perfect and will no doubt go down a storm with the cold cuts and left over cheese board on boxing day!

  1. Support smaller businesses is the perfect place to visit to get someone a gorgeous gift at great costs. Some of my favourite sellers are Hello Lucky Nine who makes stunning bespoke coasters and prints. You can also get some great prints which are fun and unusual like this amazing Racoon tea print which I love and is only £7.89! You can pick up basic frames for under £5 on Amazon making a stunning bespoke gift for under £15!


  1. Look for great drink bargains

Money Saving Expert have this great wine discount finder here which makes finding the cheapest crate between Tesco Wine, M&S, Majestic and more and it also includes usual discount codes!

So, those are my top 5 tips on how to save a little bit of cash this Christmas! I hope you find these useful and if you have any great tips – please share them below!

Until tomorrow x


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