Christmas Candles – My Top Picks

I am candle obsessed and Christmas is the perfect time to feed my addiction! I love all the festive scents this time of year and these are the pick of the candles I’ve picked up and others which are on my wish list!

If you are a lover of sweet scents then the Yankee Candle in Fireside Treats is a gorgeous option (£21.99). It is not strictly Christmas but I think the mix of smoky fire embers combined with sweet treats makes the entire room feel super cosy. If you want something more on the festive side of sweet treats then I can highly recommend the Zoella Lifestyle candle in Gingerbread Village which is a total steal at £10. It fills the room with the sweet smell which will convince anyone you’ve been baking all afternoon!

One of the best places for a festive candle and good prices in my opinion is Anthropologie and I may have gone on a little shopping spree!

First one I picked up was this Balsam and Cedar candle. As we have a fake tree this year my husband was worried that he would miss the smell – so I took that as a great excuse to invest in a candle to do the same job and this one is perfect! It smells like walking through a crisp pine forest I love it! I can’t find it online as it’s sold out but I picked mine up in the Regent street store.


Next was a small Mercury Moonglow candle in Fireside. This one won’t be to everyone’s taste, it smells like smoky embers, a little like blowing out a match. It smells cosy and warm to me I love it and compliments the Balsam and Cedar candle above.

The final candle I bought was another Mercury Moonglow but in Mulled Wine – oh lord this candle smells incredible! It smells exactly as you expect, warming and spicy with a hint of citrus. The holder looks just stunning when it’s light and the flame reflects through the speckled gold which adds to the festive feel. It was £38 for the large candle but I plan on using the holder as a vase when it’s burned out!

A candle on my wish list is this year’s limited edition offering from Jo Malone. It is orange bitters and comes in this stunning jester printed jar with ceramic lid. This smells like bright mandarins and bitter orange with a woody undertone of sandalwood. It is on the pricey side at £120 – but if you can’t lust over expensive candles at Christmas, when can you?

Jo Malone.PNG

Last but by no means least is possibly my favourite festive candle of all time – Winter by The White Company. This year I treated myself to the large pillar version complete with orange, berries and cinnamon around the bottom which makes it look as gorgeous as it smells. This is a combination of cinnamon, orange and clove to give it a warming, spicy scent – I can’t get enough of this!!!


So, those are my picks of festive candles for this time of year – I’m off to light a few and relax now!

Until tomorrow


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