The Christmas Tag

While nosing at other people’s Blogmas posts I kept coming upon the Christmas Tag so thought I would give it a go to give you insights into my deep routed love of all things festive….

  1. What is your favourite Christmas movie/s

Funny you should ask, as part of blogmas I dedicated an entire post to my Christmas movie fav’s – you can read the full list by clicking here, but top of the charts (warning, spoiler alert!) was Elf! A modern classic but it still makes me laugh out loud every time I watch!

  1. Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

We had a tradition growing up that you got to open one present on Christmas Eve and then the rest was Christmas morning. The gifts on Christmas Eve were usually were some festive pyjamas which we could all wear that evening ready for opening the remaining of the presents in the morning!

  1. Favourite Christmas Memory?

Oh that’s a tough one, I have so many. I think it is sleeping in my bedroom with my granny and waking up all throughout the night and going to the toilet to check if Santa had been – our tree was in our front room and I knew if the door was shut he had been and then the chances of me getting back to sleep were pretty much zero!

  1. Favourite Festive Food?

Oh that’s a tossup between the cheese board with cold cuts and mince pies – someone said to me that cheeseboard isn’t festive because you can have it any time of year but it’s all the sides – the left over ham, pickled walnuts, festive chutneys the works! Oh man SO good!

  1. Favourite Gift Ever Received?

Oh I remember one year waking up to an envelope which lead me round the house and into the garden where I uncovered a number of clues which ended with some tickets and a brochure because in a couple of days we were jetting off to Disneyland Paris for new year – it was so exiting I remember running off to pack before I’d opened any other gifts!!!

  1. Favourite Christmas Scent

I think that’s the smell of warm mince pies or baking cookies and treats combined with pine Christmas trees! The gorgeous warm cinnamon-y spiced smell is just one of the most comforting smells to come home to ever! Oh and if you’re looking for more of a candle based smell you can’t go wrong with the White Company – winter candle! Or you can check out my post on all my fav festive candles!

  1. Christmas traditions?

As this is our first Christmas in our new house I am looking forward to starting some new traditions, but me and hubby have always watched The Nightmare Before Christmas on Christmas eve with some wine – oh and eggs benedict for breakfast on Christmas morning!

  1. What’s top of your tree?

I always wondered what the thinking was behind tree versus star – but we have gone with a star which we actually bought new this year from TKMaxx! It is made up of tiny jingle bells, which comes in very useful when you have a cat like we do because it alerts you to when she is scratching or climbing the tree! If you want to see what else I picked up for house then click here to see a cheeky haul!

  1. As a kid, what was one present you always wanted but never received?

Every year I used to ask for a Mr Frosty (all you 90s kids out there will know what I’m talking about!) and I never got one and I didn’t understand why! I even remember my mum buying one as a birthday present for one of my friends and I was so upset. But my wish did come true in the end, because the first year I shared Christmas with my now husband he sourced an original one and gave it to me for Christmas! He even was packed up and can be found displayed on the side of my utility room to this day!


  1. What’s the Best Thing about Christmas to You?

I think it’s having some personal down time, to relax and spend it with people you love. This year I am most excited about lie in’s and movies and just taking some time to think about what I want to achieve and my goals for 2017. Also spending some QT with hubby and maybe doing some exploring around our new town and enjoying our home – we haven’t actually spent any time off in our new house other than weekends so that will be glorious!

So that’s the Christmas tag – if you have done it or are going to please tag me in or comment below!

Until tomorrow x



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