My Childhood Christmases

Christmas was always a big deal for my family growing up, I wish at times I could bottle up the excitement and atmosphere and drink it in when I have dark days. It was the epitome of a family Christmas every year.

It would start on Christmas eve when I used to spend the evening with my friends on the street taking our dog a walk and hiding in my bedroom talking about Christmas and playing with all the random bits and pieces from Christmas crackers or advent presents if we were lucky enough. We used to call this ‘bits and bobs’ and funnily enough we still message each other on Christmas eve 25 years later and remind each other of those fond memories.

After dinner it was time for bed and like many children sleep didn’t come easy. I used to share a room with my gran. I was given an electronic alarm clock and told that under no circumstances could I get up before 7am. I used to get up throughout the night and go to the toilet walking past the front room (where our tree was) knowing that if the door was shut Santa had been.

Every Christmas morning I would wake up and run through the house waking up my family but I was never allowed to open the door until gran had a cup of tea – which when your more excited than ever –  felt like a lifetime!

Then it was tradition I would burst into the room and have my photo taken with the tree – next to my big Santa sack, I recently looked back on these photos and I felt both sad and happy at the same time. My job was always dishing out the presents and once everything had been ripped open and the living room looked chaotic it was time for a breakfast of bucks fizz and homemade voluvonts (my mum was an amazing cook!)

Christmas dinner in my house was always the same – my dad was so specific about it! Vegetable soup, turkey and trimmings and Christmas pudding with brandy butter. If you ever strayed for that you were in for – even when he was in the last months of his life and we got together to make his last Christmas the best yet – he made us promise to stick to the same menu after he had gone. I can’t image his face if he knew this year I’m having a steak dinner!

I love thinking back on those memories but they are also tinged with sadness, because after mum died they were never the same again and then when dad went it suddnel felt like a lonely time. Christmas when you have lost ones you love is tough and I feel for anyone out there who is in the same situation. I would give anything to share on more Christmas with them, but I also am looking forward to starting new traditions and memories in our home with hubby and one day our family. It is my mission to make Christmas as incredible for my children one day as my family did for me. This truly is the first year I have properly looked forward to the day itself and spending it with those more important to me – hubby (and the cat!).

So, if you are spending your Christmas day tomorrow with family, and your dreading it or worried about fights stop for a second. There may be a day when you don’t have that any more – so hold tight to it and tell them you love them all.

So this is it for Blogmas for me – so I will sign off my last post of 24 saying Merry Christmas to you all – have a wonderful day x


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