My Happiness Project – 2017

Firstly, a huge Happy New Year to all of you, 2016 is officially the past and I don’t know about you all but I am ready for the fresh start of 2017. I could sit here and make some half-baked resolution promises to myself but this year I’ve decided to take a different tact. Earlier in the year I read ‘The Happiness Project’ by Gretchen Rubin, a book about a women in New York who after having an epiphany on a bus, decided that she wanted to focus more about the things in life which make her happy, or areas of unbalance which she wanted to address and get right. She did this by selecting an area of focus each month and by setting herself 3 or 4 small sub-challenges in that area.
I loved how simple some of the tasks she set herself, yet it is those smaller things which make the most difference in the longer term, and by focusing on a different area each month, it then becomes habit and leads to a happier way of life. So, that is exactly what I’ve decided to do. I will look at a different aspect of my life, areas which I feel are not quite where I want them to be. So, what are my areas I’ve selected… well they are…

Physical Wellbeing – Food & Move

Money – Get Confident

Positivity & Mental Health

Hobbies – Find & Nourish

Organisation – Get organised outside of work!

Friendship – New and Old

Learning – Expand my mind

Mindfulness – Mind Health

Exploration – New Places and those already around you

Marriage – Time for us

Family – Move forward

Each month at the start I will write a short post of my mini-goals and a notice at the end of how I’ve got on and what I’ve learned and will be continuing and what maybe was a stretch to far. I am very realistic that I might slip up here and there, but I am only human! I may also put up a couple of posts on things which have been helping me in my journey that month whether it is books, apps, recipes, articles, videos – so if you are inclined you can join in! I have also started a ‘Happiness Project’ board on my Pinterest where I will be adding things throughout the month – to view it then add me – Meghan Walsh 

So, I am going to start this year off with ‘Mindfulness’. Yes, I know it’s not the usual health and fitness that everyone will expect, but realistically with 2 weeks In Cuba I don’t think that’s particularly feasible, although I will be stepping away from the naughty Christmas snacks in preparation!

The things I want to achieve this month:

  • Meditate every day, even if it’s only 5 minutes
  • Learn more about mindfulness and other meditation practices
  • Write down 3 things I am grateful for daily

So, that is how I am approaching making some positive life changes this month – I am excited to see how these unfold throughout the year when challenges may arise.

Until next time x


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