Juvias Place – The Nubian Palette – Worth the Hype?

I had seen several of my favourite beauty gurus (Nikkie Tutorials and Jaclyn Hill) who raved about this palette and I was totally sold on its stunning warm hews and gorgeous shimmers. I ordered on the Juvias place website – the price was $19.99 with international shipping of an eye watering $22.50 totalling $42.49 which is around £34.41.

Now the shipping cost being more than the palette itself is a little frustrating, especially as I was then stung with a £11 customers charge putting the price of the palette up to over £50, making it one of the most expensive ones in my collection!

But on to the palette itself – it contains a total of 12 shades, 3 matte transition shades and 8 pearly, shimmery shades. All of the colours are warm in tone and what I love is that it includes a lovely fair base and brow bone colour so you can create full eye looks with this palette. These shadows are seriously pigmented so if you are new to make-up don’t panic because they are very easy to blend to create a gorgeous warm eye. They also have little fall out on the shadows, which I find for such richly red under-toned shadows is rare.

I have created many a look out of this palette and it is quickly becoming a favourite of mine. The only down sides for me is if you’re from the UK it does work out to be pricey. Also, when looking at what I was going to pack for my trip away to Cuba in a couple of weeks, I did annoying me a bit there wasn’t a mirror, but that is minor for the stunning shadow quality.

Until next time x


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