Mindfulness – Some Inspiration

I’m just over one week into my mindfulness month as part of my happiness project. If you are not caught up on what I am trying to get out of this year – you can read it by clicking here.

I have been doing my mindful minutes daily, ideally at home before I get into bed as a way of helping wind down, and I would be lying if I hadn’t fallen asleep when doing my body scans.

One of the things I have been doing is a lot of reading about the benefits of living a more mindful lifestyle, and I came across this great article by the Huffington Post. What I love about this article is it covers all the benefits to self such as lowering stress, anxiety but it also talks about how if more people lead a mindful life it can help the military, the elderly and children who may have behavioural difficulties.

Also, to help with my meditation I have been using the Headspace App on my iphone. This starts you off with a 10 day introduction to meditation, with guided meditations for free for the first 10 days, lead by Andy Puddicombe who is renowned as a Mindfulness expert. There are also some great, helpful animations which help explain the benefits and purpose much better. These are some of the best guided meditations as they are forgiving and have the perfect balance of talking and silence to let you try out the techniques.  You can have a look at these animations on the Headspace YouTube channel which you can see here, or check out their website here.

Still not convinced – well I came across this Ted Talk of Andy talking about taking 10 mindful minutes – give it a watch it’s brilliant.


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