The Power by Naomi Alderman – A Review

I love books who look at dystopian worlds but focusing on current issues or hot topics which is exactly what is the case in Naomi Aldermans 4th novel – The Power. Set in a world where women are in control – they hold all the power and men are fearful around them.

Set 5,000 years in the future starting at ‘Day of the Girls’ where women start to feel crackling and fizzing in their collarbones across their skin leading to electrical discharge shooting from their fingertips.

The story focuses on 4 characters, Roxy, Allie, Margot and Tunde. Each character has a different background and experience, Roxy is a tough girl who ends up working in the drug trade selling ‘Glitter’ – a drug used to help enhance girls powers. Allie has a traumatic up bringing at the hands of her stepfather who ends up re-creating herself as a figurehead of the women’s rising to power. Margot is an aspiring governor who is helping try and find a careful balance of her career and her confused daughter Jocelyn. Finally, the only male character who features is Nigerian journalist Tunde who travels the world to cover the female uprising.

The story also touches on the power of social media – with pictures and videos taking over seeing the fear spread worldwide. It is a complex story with many layers with subtle links between it’s characters, so it’s not one to read if you’re looking for something you can dip in and out of easily!

Overall I loved this book, I found the story encapsulating and it really made me think about the concept of power dynamics and the extreme scales things can be put to.

Until next time x


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