A Lesson in Gratitude

So as part of my ‘Happiness Project’ I thought I would look into gratitude and why it’s all of a sudden become this big buzz word when it comes to leading a positive, fulfilled life.

So first – what does it actually mean?  The dictionary definition is…


Seems simple enough right, it’s about being thankful and being a kind person? Are we all not doing that without realising it? It doesn’t seem so. By clearly we all should be, according to scientific research by embracing a ‘ gratitude attitude’ can lead to mental and physical benefits helping improve blood pressure levels, sleep and in some cases, children who kept a daily gratitude journal saw improvement in their grades. Seems simple right?

So that’s what I intended to do, write one sentence a day about what I was grateful for, but many people opt for ‘Top 5’ for the week – you can do whatever suits you and your lifestyle.

So far I have been really enjoying taking those last 5 minutes as I get into bed to reflect on the day and write down what I was thankful for and appreciated – it meant that no matter how stressful my day has been it makes you focus on the positive and puts you in a great mindset to sleep.

But I do have some tips I that I want to share with you…

Go for Depth – by this I mean don’t focus on things that are under the layer, it would be easy for us to go ‘my new lipstick’ or ‘first cup of coffee in the morning’ as a cop out – think deeper than that. I feel that for gratitude to be genuine it can’t be focused on material things

Be Committed – I find that its hard if you have to reflect back on the day so you have to try and stick to doing it during the frequency you commit to personally – whether that’s weekly or bi-weekly or daily.

Instill Thinking in Daily Life – Remember to take some of the appreciation and thankful thinking into life – we are in a world which feels so critically that you should try and do your bit in being thankful. Say thank you to those who help, even if it’s a stranger, sales assistant or someone at work and tell or show those around you just how much you appreciate them – you have the ability to change someone’s day.

So that is my gratitude journey so far – it’s just the beginning but I can already feel it making me a more thankful person – and who doesn’t love that!


Until next time x


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