Fear of Flying – My Top Tips

So as you read this I will hopefully have landed safe and sound in Cuba and will be basking in 30 degrees while drinking a mojito at the swim up bar, jealous yet?

Well before I get there and land first I have to tackle a 10 hour flight which even the thought of as I type is breaking me out in a bit of a cold sweat. I have been terrified of flying for as long as I remember. I have always promised it won’t hold me back from seeing new places but it doesn’t mean that I enjoy the process particularly.  I am sure many a psychiatrist will say it’s a fear of death and I guess it probably is, but regardless it’s going to happen so below are just some of my tips for how I calm myself a bit and get through it – I hope some of you may find this useful.

First and foremost is I have to be comfortable, especially if it is a long haul flight. This time round I will be curled up in my trust Lulu Lemon Align leggings (£88) these are by far my favourite legging which I wear all the time, exercising or not because they are just so comfortable. I also aim to do some yoga out there so these will come in usual when I get there! I also like having layers on planes, it will be hot when we land so layers are key, I like a simple t-shirt and then a big blanket style scarf that can double up as a blanket on the plane if you’re going to have a little sleep. Speaking of sleep I recently invested in ‘The J Pillow’ (£15.95) – this is a neck pillow which also cradles your chin so your neck doesn’t ache – genius! It is also super soft and you can pack it really small in your bag for ease when travelling.


Before we travel I also try and take some herbal anxiety medication to try and help keep my nerves under control – I usually use Kalms (£8.25). These claim that using plant extracts which help reduce worry and irritability. It may be a total placebo but I find it works for me.


So you’ve done all the prep and you’re comfy but now you’re on the plane the key is distraction! You can never go wrong with trashy magazines, I find that they are better than proper books for me no matter how much I love reading because I get too distracted and can’t focus on too many words – things to pick up and put down are perfect! I also find I get very distracted about any odd noises the plane makes so noise cancelling headphones are a must – I never use the ones they give you on a plane. You can spend a fortune on a Bose pair but if you are getting them just for flying you can get a pretty decent pair of Amazon for around £18. They are perfect for watching some of the films on the flight and trying to distract yourself, I like to think of a flight in the form of films – 6 hour flight = 3 films – it makes the time seem less daunting.

If all else fails and you are feeling really anxious then I use the Headspace app, it is a great meditation app and if you pay for the subscription (which is a little pricey) you can download a specific set of ‘Fear of Flying’ guided meditations – which I find totally worth it! If not then if you download some generalised meditations in advance or you can download some great audio books on the subject to listen to throughout the flight.  Glenn Harrolds – Overcome the Fear of Flying has been recommended to me by a couple of people as a great hypo based one which is around 1 hour long.


So those are my tips, all of which I will be using myself to get through the flight! I know this won’t be relevant to all of you but if it can help just one of you I am a happy lady!
Until next time x


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