Holiday Reading List

It may only be the start of Jan but there has already been some fantastic new book releases along with a few others I have been meaning to read for a while, and with two weeks on a sun lounger there is no better opportunity to get reading! So here is what’s on my kindle which I will be enjoying.

the-dryThe Dry – Jane Harper

This book is meant to be great for anyone who loves a good ‘who done it’ and anyone that knows me I am a big fan of crime stories. Set in Australia during a terrible drought, three members of the Hadler family are brutally murdered and husband Luke is pinned for the murder of his wife and children and is assumed to have taken his own life. An old friend of Luke’s comes in to conduct the investigation which threatens to unearth some old secrets. I can’t wait to read this, I am already intrigued how this is going to turn out!



good-me-bad-meGood Me, Bad Me – Ali Land

This story is about the inner thoughts of a teenage girl as she is waiting to give evidence at a trial, the trial of her mother who is being trialled for being a serial killer. It is meant to be an intense story which looks at lots of areas of mental health, which I think will be fascinating to read.





little-deathsLittle Deaths – Emma Flint

Set in 1965 in Queens, New York the book is based around Ruth Malone who one day wakes up to find her two young children missing, and instantly becomes the centre of the investigation. Set in a time when neighbourhood gossip and rumour are rife, especially as Ruth works in a bar and enjoys the company of men, scandalous for the time. This promises some twists throughout, which I love.




vegetarianThe Vegetarian: A Novel – Han Kang

Set in South Korea, an ordinary couple with bored, unfuelled wife Yeong-hye’s makes the decision to become a vegetarian. A simple decision on the surface but this act of passive rebellion has massive knock on effects to the family and her marriage, leading to an attempted suicide by Yeong-hye. This story captured my imagination, I really enjoy books which give me an insight into different cultures.




smallbombsThe Associations of Small Bombs – Karan Mahajan

One of the New York times best books of 2016, it revolves around a car bomb which goes of in 1996 in a Delhi marketplace. Although a ‘small bomb’ but it is fatal for two school boys. One of their friends survives but bares the mental scars from the attack.  A book focusing on the devastating after math of terrorism, it is a book which I feel we all need to read and understand.




So it seems that crime and cultural view points seem to be my themes of choice for this holiday but I am really looking forward to getting stuck into all of the above and will write reviews once I am back!

Until next time xx


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