Bullet Journaling – Getting Started

So this year I decided to take up Bullet Journaling to help me get my personal life more organised. Now I have a whole month dedicated to organisation as part of my Happiness Project but I am a eager beaver so thought I’d get started and I can share more of my thoughts at a later date!

First thing I did was a lot of research into what it really meant to have a true bullet journal. There is a great website http://bulletjournal.com/ which helps give you some insight but the best explanation I have found so far has been by blogger and Youtuber Lily Pebbles. Her video (linked here) is the best I’ve seen as she explains the concept then shows you how she has managed her previous year’s journal and her learnings. Seeing it in action is just brilliant.

So the overall concept is focused around being flexible to your needs, as opposed to the structured lined notebook you are able to use it as a to do list system, scheduling, brain storming and doodling if the mood takes you. I have a particular way of managing my work load at work so I feel my journal will be focused on home life and blog work.

First you have to settle on a key – some people have their own specific ways of doing it but the key I have gone for is as follows:



As for what I am using as my bullet journal I went for the Leuchtturm1917 dotted Notebook (£9.99) from Amazon – I went for a cherry yellow colour – no particular reason other than it made me smile. So I am at the very start of my journal but I am excited to see how it goes and will report back in a few months with some more top tips and learnings.

Until next time x





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