The Happiness Project – Month 2 – Fitness & Food

Month one of my happiness project focused on taking care of myself mentally, so I thought I best follow this with the rest of my body! I have an interesting relationship in the past with food and fitness. Having spent a lot of my younger years as a dancer I used to be incredibly fit and incredibly thin. I have always loved food, specifically anything savoury. When I was younger I used to go home from school and want bell peppers and garlic dip over any chocolate or sweet treat. I also remember my mum being in the kitchen, glass of wine in hand surrounded by people trying out new recipes without breaking a sweat. It wasn’t until I moved to London my relationship with food changed, I was so taken in by everything around me and the number of things to do, and without being able to afford proper food I either didn’t eat or relied on super noodles, toast or Kraft pre-packed Mac and Cheese – not exactly nutrient packed!

When it comes to fitness I’ve always very much had a stop and start issue, I seem to get into it for a few weeks then something happens that puts me off track, so the aim is more about consistency! I used to be able to run 10k and now I don’t think I could run for a bus!

So, what are my goals for this month…

  1. Get a good breakfast routine.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day….at weekends. I like taking time and having gorgeous savoury delights, avocado on toast with poached eggs, haggis benedict, Mexican baked eggs, blue cheese mushrooms on toast – you name it, I love it! The issue comes during the week! Due to our long commute I am already short of time in the morning so I’ve been having simple toast and butter, which although tasty isn’t very nutritious! So I want to improve my breakfast habits!

  1. Exercise at LEAST twice a week & Hit my 10,000 step goal daily.

I feel this is totally achievable – I would love to say 5 days a week but you know what, we have to start somewhere! I am already signed up for a yoga class weekly so that just means I have to get my butt off the sofa and do something else at least once a week! I feel if I hit the twice a week goal then least I can do is get the daily recommended number of steps in a day – which hopefully will also encourage me to get off my butt during the day at work and get some fresh air!

  1. Eat fresh at least 80% of the time

So, what do I mean by this? I mean cooking from scratch within reason! I won’t be baking fresh bread everyday or curry pastes or pastry but fresh veg and good quality meat (which we get from a local farm) and putting it together – no piercing film of pre-made meals and minimal take-aways! Oh and of course try and eat as healthy and fresh as possible – greens with most meals and lots of veg!!

So, those are my February goals – simple but I think if I can get all 3 right then it will make a huge difference to my lifestyle overall!  I look forward to sharing some updates throughout the month!

Until next time x



  1. Great post,good luck with your goals!! ❤
    If you would be so kind and take a look at my blog I'd appreciate that so much! It's mostly dedicated to makeup, however, I'm a passionate cook as well and I've just published a recipe on healthy pancakes which are delicious, very nutritious and they are the best reward after a hard workout! Thank you so much for your time, I enjoyed reading your blog! ❤


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