31 Lessons I’ve Learned by 31

As you read this It will be the eve of my 31st birthday – not exactly a milestone birthday but I always like to take the opportunity to look back and see where I’ve come from and be thankful for the lessons, good and difficult. So here are the 31 things i’ve learned before turning 31.

  1. It’s okay to ask for help
  2. You are a whole person – you were never searching for your other half – your enough as you are
  3. It’s okay to not be okay sometimes
  4. Your anxiety is not a weakness
  5. Friends will come and go and that’s okay
  6. You are stronger than you think
  7. Believe in yourself more
  8. Don’t look for love, it will find you when it’s right
  9. It’s okay to challenge and say no if done in a positive way
  10. Travel as much as you can – it’s good for the soul
  11. Never stop learning
  12. Meditation is not an easy fix but it’s worth it
  13. Watch your money – ignoring money issues won’t make the issue go away
  14. Cook as much as possible – it’s great therapy
  15. You can pick a family – a family doesn’t have to be biological
  16. Don’t feel you have to like what everyone else does – do you
  17. Don’t take yourself too seriously!
  18. Say sorry and mean it
  19. Work to live, don’t live to work
  20. A little of what you fancy does you good (one from my mum!)
  21. Over prepare but go with the flow
  22. Marry your best friend – it makes every experience better
  23. Treat yourself from time to time
  24. Don’t care about what other people thing, it’s pointless
  25. Read as much as possible – it’s good for the mind
  26. Switch off from social media every now and again – it’s good for you!
  27. If all else fails – fresh air helps
  28. Realise that everyone has their own problems and battles
  29. Manners are priceless
  30. Fashion is about you not about trends
  31. Age is just a number – act like a child if the mood strikes!

So, those are my words of wisdom – my life hasn’t always been smooth sailing but I am grateful for all the above lessons, I am sure they are the first of many!

Until next time x


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