Pixi Double Cleanse by Caroline Hirons

For me, 2016 was the year of getting my skincare sorted and finding a routine that suited me, and part of that was the discovery of double cleansing which I firmly believe has had the biggest impact on my skin.

I have previously been in a committed relationship with my Clinique Take the Day Off balm followed by whatever cleanser I’ve been trying out, but when I heard that skincare guru Caroline Hirons had teamed up with beauty brand Pixi (already one of my favourites!) I popped a reminder in the diary to purchase as soon as it was released.

This product makes double cleansing simple, as it’s all in one! Half is a soil cleansing oil and the other side a cream cleanser. The cleansing oil is so effective at getting off even the most heavy of bases and stubborn waterproof mascara without leaving any sort of film on the skin which is a pet peeve of mine. The cleansing cream is rich and nourishing and feels a real treat for the skin which after rinsing leaves your skin feeling fresh, but not tight or dry.

This product is great for traveling, in fact I took it to Cuba with me and I can confirm despite the long flight, layers of sun care this kept my skin super clean and nice and moisturised!

Overall, I would recommend this product if you are looking for some new skincare or your just getting into the double cleanse game – you can buy it via M&S or directly from the Pixi website for £24.


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