Happiness Project – Month Two – Fitness & Food – Overview

So, this month has been a mix of positive’s and total fails, but I have some justified excuses! February ended up being a bit of a rough month overall. We got back from Cuba which was lovely but I headed home with a stomach bug followed by a chest infection and flu like virus which whipped me out for around two weeks. I have also found I’ve struggled a little this month with my mental health, I’ve felt that things have been up and down a lot and I’ve felt more tired than normal – which may be due to the illness.

So how did I get on with my three goals this month…

  1. Breakfast

This is one which I think I’ve managed to sort – I’ve been trying out lots of different options including smoothies, overnight oats but my favourite has been egg muffins – savoury and keep you full for ages! Check out my previous post for my go to recipe!

  1. Exercise twice a week & hit 10,000 step goals

This is where the plan has failed, with the stomach issues and the virus – I haven’t felt like I have the energy to get into a work out schedule. I’m trying not to beat myself up about it to month and I will be following this goal into next month. I have been continuing to walk to and from the station and have been hitting my goal step on most days.

  1. Eat fresh 80% of the time

This one I feel I have managed, when I was ill I lived off homemade soup (spiced lentil incase you want to know!) and I’ve been trying out a load of new recipes, specifically from Clean Eating Alice’s book which is a great buy, the chicken chorizo one pot was delicious! If you want to see the kind of thing I’ve been eating then you can check out my what I eat in a day post – from one of my days working at home! Although I did consume cake and eat out a bit (it was my birthday!) I really do feel I managed to get a good balance!

So that is my overview of the month – not exactly a full house but I am determined to make the exercise thing happen next month.

Any tips on how I can get myself into a good exercise routine – please leave below!

Until next time x


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