February Favorites

February was a month of ups and downs for me, I was poorly for a part of it, had a lovely weekend trip to Exeter to visit the in-laws and celebrated turning the grand age of 31! I also got a bit spendy this month and got some gorgeous gifts so this month’s favourites wrote themselves! So what have I been loving…

  1. La La Land

Me and my sister and law went to see this at the start of the month (yes we were late to the party) and I flippin loved it! I am a big fan of anything old school Hollywood and I am a huge Emma Stone fan (I was once told I looked like her and I almost lost my shiiii….). I have been singing ‘City of Stars’ in my head all week and humming it wherever I go!


  1. American Crime Story – The People Vrs OJ Simpson

So when I was poorly I ploughed my way through quite a few box sets and stumbled across this on Netflix and I loved it! It covers the OJ Simpson trial of the murder of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. It’s from the perspectives of both the defence and prosecution teams including David Schwimmer as Rob Kardashian. I learned a lot about the case I didn’t know and I am still to this day astounded how he was acquitted! Defiantly worth a watch if you’re looking for a new box set!


  1. Mac Retro Matte Lipstick in Topped with Brandy

Last summer I did purchase one of the Mac Retro Matte Liquid Lips but I didn’t use it all that much, the formula was quite drying and I also bought it in a bright pink shade which I just didn’t get much use out of. I then heard they had re-looked at the formula and they launched a new range of colours which included ‘topped with brandy’ and I love it! The formula is incredible – it has great staying power without being drying and of all the liquid lips I have they are the best at layering which is great. I also love the application – its pointed so you can line your lips making application so easy! This shade is a stunning mauvey brown colour (the website says dirty rose) – so pretty.


  1. Monica Vinader Baja Ring

This was my birthday present from the hubby and I flipping love it! I have lusted after all things Monica Vinader for so long and after featuring it in my Christmas gift guides he took it upon himself and picked this for me all on his own! It’s rose gold with white chalcedony stone and I just think its classic and goes with everything.  I have barely taken it off since I bought it!

mv baja.PNG

  1. Beauty Pie Triple Beauty Liquid Illuminizer (RRP £20 / BP £2.71)

Out of my Beauty Pie haul this month this is by far my fav! Now this is not a highlighter for people who want that beaming metallic highlight – this for me is the perfect highlight to give you really healthy looking skin with an inner glow. It is quite thick and a little goes a long way, I use this under my blush to give my skin a glow. You can put it on top of powder products but it can move things around if you use a little too much. I also like adding this to my foundations, especially ones with a bit of a matte finish to give you a dewy finish. So pretty and if you’re a Beauty Pie member it’s only £2.71!! Such a bargain! The only down side is it only comes in one shade, Golden Whirl but it is a really pretty colour.


So, that’s what I’ve been loving this month – I am taking on an interesting challenge to not purchase any beauty products for lent – I am looking forward to rediscovering some of my current collection but nervous – can I withstand my spending urges!?

Until next time x



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