The Happiness Project – Month 3 – Let’s Get Organised!

The start of another month means another 3 goals for my happiness project! This month is all about organisation and getting shit done!

Now people who have worked with me in the past always comment how I am incredibly organised and have a great memory for tasks and things, but what they don’t know is that in my everyday life outside of work I’m a bit of a shambles!

Here is just some of the evidence – we moved 7 months ago and I’m still paying for sky for the old house, I’ve been married two years and half of my documents are in my married name and the other half aren’t including my passport, I haven’t registered with the dentist since I moved to London (which was 7 years ago…) and I am more often than I would like to admit that friend who forgets to send birthday cards, presents on time and I never get round to writing thank you notes.

Oh dear. Seeing it written down is not ideal, so now it’s time to get it sorted! So what are my mini goals for the month…

  1. Write a life to do list each month and DO IT!

I am a big lover of a list at work, it’s how I get by! So I am going to make a plan for each month of life things I need to get sorted and get it ticked off! I think the key with this will not be over-loading one month and as result myself!

  1. Stick to my 3 blog posts a week

I am aware that there hasn’t been much of a schedule on here since the start of the year (I blame blogmas fatigue!) so I want to stick to a regular blogging schedule of Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. I also need to get better at promoting my post’s – using twitter more and potentially Instagram to get some traction!

  1. Embrace the ’10 minute tidy’

This is something that actually features in Happiness Project book by Gretchen Rubin and when I heard it, it was a bit of a revelation. I do quite a long commute now and I find that when I get home after a long day the last thing I want to do is any cleaning or tidying. The most I do is make dinner and I’m done! This means that on a weekend we have to spend hours cleaning and tidying which let’s face it is a bummer! So the plan is to do 10 minutes a night, which is around one room – then we will have more time for ourselves!

So, those are my goals for this month, I will keep you updated as I go along!

Until next time x


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