A Little Lush Haul

Last month I found myself having a bit of a panic after finishing up all my Christmas Lush goodies, and I get serious anxiety when I am running low on the bath bomb front! So, I took a trip to the Lush store in Cambridge (the staff were flippin lovely!) and stocked up on some old favorites and some new products to try!

I got a mix of bubble bars, bath bombs and a couple of random surprises but let’s start with da bombs (see what I did there…?)

First one I picked up is an old fav, Frozen. This turns your bath such a gorgeous blue colour, it reminds me of swimming pools on holiday – that kind of colour without the sunshine! It is filled with rose oil and neroli so it has a nice uplifting floral scent, oh and it’s a little shimmery so you will need to rinse the bath down after using!


The next one I picked up was Dragons Egg, I initially put this back because it’s filled with popping candy which I thought would be a nightmare to clean up – but the smells of this is just gorgeous! It’s smells like lemon sherbet with a hint of jasmine – so good!


I picked up the Blackberry bomb because of one of the sales assistants, it’s filled with frankincense and bergamot and she told me that bergamot specifically has actually been known to help anxiety and depression. It is the perfect combination of relaxing and uplifting – I can’t wait to use this one when I really need to wind down!


Another firm fav of mine is Twilight for the perfect pre-bed bath. Filled with a gorgeous mix of lavender but also tonka it’s so relaxing. I also love how it changes colour as it fizzes around from a light pink to a deep purple shade – bliss.


The Over and Over bath bomb was one I had never seen before from Lush. It is half normal bath bomb half hard cocoa butter shell which melts into the bath for a real skin treat. It’s also a lot less sweet smelling than a lot of Lush products with fennel oil which is meant to perk you up! I also loved the colours – it was a gorgeous swell of pink and orange and yellow, like a gorgeous sunset! And after getting out of the bath I didn’t have to put any body moisturiser on which for me is insane, normally if I don’t I turn into a lizard!


I picked up some bubble bars which happen to be three of my favourites;  Rose Jam (my all-time favourite Lush scent…SO GOOD), Ladybird and A French Kiss (perfect pared with Twilight above for the best pre-bed bath you will sleep like a log!).

Then I picked up a couple of go-too products which are ones which I think are really underrated. First one of their lip scrubs – I went for the Mint Julips one which is like a mojito for your lips! If you are a lipstick obsessive like I am then this is essentially to keep your lips in tip top condition – I try and use mine around 3 times a week followed by a really intensive lip balm.

I have very dry skin not only on my face but my whole body so I find exfoliation is key! My go to product is the Sugar Scrub – it has fennel and ginger which helps boost circulation and it brightens up the skin. I honestly swear by it and it’s better than many expensive brands I’ve tried and it’s only £2.95!!

So, that’s everything I picked up – I’ve tried a couple out already but looking forward to many a bath in the coming weeks!

Until next time x


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