International Women’s Day 2017 – A Letter to my Future Daughter

I knew I wanted to do a post for International Women’s day this year and I wanted it to mean something without turning into a rant. Their #beboldforchange campaign is one I feel so strongly about, at times when things are so uncertain for us all. Where the leader of the free world can get away with uttering the words ‘grab her by the pussy’ (I’m still reeling), I thought all I can do is hope the future is better. I want nothing more than for it to be better for the next generation of women, which I hope to contribute to someday.  So here is my to any future daughter I may have:

Hello you,

I am writing this to you whilst sat in the living room with your dad, we are currently both sat staring at screens, me writing this and him finishing up work for the evening which leads me onto my first wish for you.

I hope that by the time you are old enough the internet has become a safe and fun space again. It started that way, but I have noticed it seems to be yet another channel for women to be the subject of unnecessary ridicule on anything from your looks to your opinions. The internet opened up so much to my generation but it also brought the worry of judgement and backlash. I also hope there are still those moments of digital escapism available (why on earth did they put Wi-Fi on the tube it was 20 minutes of quiet a day!).

I also hope that you truly believe that you can do anything you put your mind too. Another great woman, your grandmother, who you sadly never met used to say to me ‘if you want anything badly enough you will make it happen’. But aside from me telling you, I hope there are women in careers, roles and positions which inspire you. Whether that’s Prime Minister, artist, scientist or CTO. When you get to that job you desire, may you be paid equal to your male counterparts and respected for your knowledge and enthusiasm.

I want you to be confident in who you are, and not compromise it for anyone. I hope you never come across #fatshaming or #guiltfree – just be healthy and happy however you are. Food is to be enjoyed and it is too short to worry about what you eat – it’s social and freeing, just remember its about balance!

Then there’s love – of course there is. I can’t express how lucky I was to find your dad, but it certainly wasn’t an easy ride to get there. I know it is unrealistic to tell you to avoid ‘bad boys’ – in fact it’s part of growing up and it will help you turn into the women you are meant to be. I will be there to dry the tears and mend the broken hearts but promise me one thing, you will never doubt your worth even once, as soon as you do that then you tell me and I will open up one giant can of Glaswegian whoop ass.

But of all things, when you read this I hope that International Women’s Day doesn’t need to exist in the same way, because things will be open and equal for all.

Love you – always

M x


And to everyone else – all the strong women out there who are fighting all manner of personal battles – you got this – you know you do.

Until next time x


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