Low Shampooing – What’s the Deal?

When pursuing the isles of my local Boots one weekend, the L’Oréal Low Shampoo range caught my eye. The concept behind low shampooing is that it’s a gentle way to cleanse your hair, with no sulphates or chemicals which are used to create the foaming action in the shampoo’s we know and love, making this the perfect solution for brittle, dry hair.

There is currently three types up for grabs, one for Coloured Hair, one in the Extraordinary Oil and Extraordinary Oil Curl Nourishment range. The one I picked up was the Extraordinary Oil version as I am already a fan of the original products.

First thing is it is incredibly affordable for the amount of product you get – it is normally £6.99 for 400ml, although is currently on an introductory offer in Boots for £5. I also love the packaging – it is big but it has a pump dispenser which I love, in fact more shampoo and conditioners should have them!


The product itself is a thick cream, it doesn’t feel dissimilar to a cream cleanser you would get for your face. I started with around 8 pumps (it said 10-15 on the bottle but my hair isn’t that long) but I soon had to go in for more as it absorbs into the hair very easily. At first it feels very strange applying it to your roots – for years I have been so careful to put conditioner at my ends and nowhere near my roots so it feels a little counterintuitive at first! When you find apply it to your roots it feels cooling and refreshing.

You leave it on for 3 minutes, then gently massage into the scalp before rinsing through. I admit I was a little sceptical at first, I like my hair to feel super clean and I try to only wash my hair a couple of times a week so it doesn’t go over-dry, and I was worried it would get greasy quicker, but I was pleasantly surprised!

The next day (I always wash my hair in the evening!) my hair felt super soft and clean, so much so I straightened it for the first time in months which lead to no end of compliments asking if I’d just had it done!

FullSizeRender - Copy (6)

You are recommended to use ‘low shampoo’ twice a week as part of your normal routine and I have totally adopted that – I use it during the week and then a clarifying shampoo (my preference is the Fudge one) to make sure all product and build up is gone and my hair is thanking me for it!

Until next time x


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