Let’s Talk About Hygge

Towards the end of last year, everyone started talking Hygge. I saw countless birthday presents opened about Hygge before I finally decided to look into it for myself, and I was surprised with what I found. When initially asking around I heard the words ‘expensive candles’ and ‘cashmere socks’ knocked around, and while I love both of those things I felt like it was just another fad which was encouraging us to buy things and if that was the case then the White Company were about to be quid’s in.

I did some research online, with hundreds of gorgeous Pinterest pictures showing roaring fires and cosy dwellings, but when searching for a definition is was amazing how many came up, but I feel the one below to me really sums up what I found…

I also decided to purchase ‘The Little Book of Hygge – The Danish Way to Live Well’ by Meil Wiking, who is a professor at the institute of happiness. It is a fact that the Danes are often voted the happiest nation, and with my current project striving to get more happiness in my life I became even more intrigued. First and foremost, this book is a joy to read, it’s easy and comforting to read (in itself very Huggelit!) and the photography is gorgeous – but it was also informative.

I learneimg_6684d that Hygge is about being comfortable in yourself and around others, on your terms. Yes there is very much candles and socks involved but neither need to be expensive – in fact the less they are and uglier the socks the more loved they are and therefore more Hygge!

The other part which really spoke to me is about the balance of going out and staying in your space – which is a battle I come up against a lot. I swear I am half extrovert and half introvert, I am outspoken and bubbly and like socialising however I much prefer if that socialising happens in my house, with a select few friends enjoying things like board games and wine and movies.

Also when socialising it talks about doing things together, cooking together and sharing experiences not things which sounds lovely. The nicest gathering with friends I’ve had in ages was a walk to the pub in the countryside and then board games after – I couldn’t have been happier.

Overall my initial sceptic has been silenced – if anything I think we could all do with integrating a little more Hygge in our lives. I will no longer feel guilty about spending Sundays on my sofa with hot tea, books, blankets and candles – because if that’s what the happiest nation in the world are up too – then its good enough for me.


Until next time x


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