My Morning Skincare Routine

Recently I’ve had a lot of compliments on my skin which is so lovely and I’ve had more and more requests for an updated skin care routine so I thought I would start with my current morning routine.

I am up at 6am on a week day so I need something simple, effective and quick, so there isn’t a huge amount of steps but I’ve found the perfect products for what I need.


First is cleaning my skin, I have quite a regimented evening routine to get off all my make-up and commuter grime off my skin – so in the morning I want something simple and refreshing to help me wake up a bit! I have been loving the L’Oréal range of face washes based on their bestselling face masks.  I have the purity one (£3.99) with a mix of 3 clays and I love using it. It is very light and isn’t overly drying – it is perfect for anyone with normal or combination skin.

After washing my face then I really need to get some hydration on the go, and for this I am totally addicted to my Matrixyl 10% + HA 30ml (£9) by The Ordinary. This is a gel like serum which feels so nice to apply – it’s instantly cooling and refreshing. I then follow this up with the  The Caffeine Solution 5%  + EGCG 30ml (£7) eye serum which is targeted at puffy eyes and dark circles, also from the Ordinary. These are both big parts of my day time routine now – to read more about The Ordinary range as a whole and what else I use and love click here.

Next is the Oskia Nutri-Active Day Cream (£60). I picked this up from Beauty Bay (my most visited website!). it’s a pretty basic day cream packed with nutrients to help repair and protect the skin while delivering all day hydration. It does what it says on the tin, it isn’t overly greasy, it sinks in well and has no poignant fragrance so perfect for the sensitive skin gals out there. I think this is a pretty underrated cream, Oskia are known for their Renaissance cleansing gel (another of my fav’s) but for me this is just as good.

Last but potentially the most important stage is an SPF. I love this Kiehls ultra light daily UV defence SPF 50 (£36), it is light and absorbs well and doesn’t bug my skin. I find a lot of other SPF’s are greasy and I suffer with terrible breakouts. Also, a little goes a long way, I have had this tube for a good 6 months now so although it’s a little more expensive it will last you ages!

Then I am done and it’s time to slap on the make-up and get ready to face the day! For me this is tried and tested. If you would like me to do an evening routine or a pamper routine just leave me a comment below!

Until next time x


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