My Current Go To Cook Books

I love cooking – it is like free therapy for me! Most people can think of nothing worse after getting home from a long day but to me it’s what I look forward too. I have SO many cook books its ridiculous – I have a slight addiction to buying them  but I find these are the ones I have been reaching for recently over and over. So I wanted to share with you which ones I am loving and also the most made recipe from each!

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Firstly is the gorgeous social media superstar Clean Eating Alice and her book The Body Bible (£7). Firstly I love following Alice on social media – she is positive and upbeat and sunny but also tells it as it is when she needs too, she also regularly posts her workouts on Instagram and there has been many a day when she’s inspired me to get off my butt!

What I love most about this book is it isn’t at all preachy, and it contains MEAT! The recipes are super simple and without a hundred complicated health food recipes which you have to spend your money on.

My favourite recipe is the butternut squash chilli and feta fritatta – it is perfect for dinner with some salad or a super tasty packed lunch for work. So tasty and quick it’s such a winner.

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Next up is by telly favourite Fearne Cotton and her first cook book ‘Cook happy, Cook healthy’ (£7.99)

This book is filled with tasty meals with healthy swaps for some of your favourites. Although this food is mostly veggie based – there is a few meat and fish options in there which look delicious, and the baking section is perfect for those of you who still want treats but are trying to be a little healthier!

Also the look of this book is gorgeous – the artwork inside is just stunning!


My go to recipe for this one is the healthy breakfast muffins – when I was going on my mission for great go to savory breakfasts for the week I came across these and havent looked back – they are so tasty – I would recommend them to anyone!


Now I live and die by my slow cooker – I am telling you they are the a commuters best friend! So when I saw that Sarah Wilson of ‘I Quit Sugar’ fame was releasing a slow cooker cook book (£6) I instantly pre-ordered. This book is brilliant – it has recipes which are a few hours and others which you can dump in on the weekday for instant dinner.


My go to recipe is the hot pot apple cider chicken – it is SO easy the ingredients list is so small you could write it on the back of your hand and the result is gorgeous tender chicken which you can have with salad or rice or veggies – its so good.


The Tom Kerridge book was actually a purchase by hubby after being impressed with his massive weight loss. The Dopamine Diet (£6.99) is essentially a low carb diet filled with lots of foods which encourage the release of ‘dopamine’ – the happy hormone.

Although we haven’t made a full recipe from this yet, what it has done is given us so much inspriation for alternative sides for dinners. Instead of rice with curries we have been loving the curried cauliflower – it is unreal delicious. We have also been doing a lot of cauliflower rice from this book too!


Last but by no means least is the Hemsley and Hemsley sisters and their book ‘The art of eating well’ (£17.99). This book is more on the expensive side but worth it for me. It is beautifully set out with a great mix of comfort food with healthy twists and also includes meat options but is low on gluten – similar to the Tom Kerridge version. They use a couple of unsual ingredients but nothing overly rare which is handy.

I love the inspriation for their quiona bowls – I use these all the time for lunches as they are super tasty and filling. I sometimes also have some of their homemade dips and dressings!


So those are my go to cook books, I hope it gives you some inspiration to treat yourself and get dishing up some delicious dinners!

Until next time x


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