March Favorites!

It’s the beginning of another month so that means only one thing – monthly favourite’s time! March saw the weather getting warming and with the clocks going back the nights getting longer! It feels so nice to not be walking home from the station in the dark every night.

Also in March I decided to take on my own lent challenge – not purchasing make-up or cosmetics until after Easter! I would be lying if I said I hadn’t found it difficult, after a bit of a stressful day the craving to treat myself is huge! What it has meant is I’ve been using a lot of old favourites and getting reacquainted with my beauty collection which has been great fun.

My favourites this month are a bit of a random mix of things, so here we go!

  1. Divide – Ed Sheeran

I am pretty sure everyone who is anyone is going to have their on their favourites this month but I have been listening to this pretty much non-stop since it came out. I love the mix of music clearly influenced from Ed traveling around and there is a great mix of catchy upbeat songs and heartfelt ballads. The song ‘Supermarket Flowers’ made me cry when I first heard it, reminded me of my mum so much. I also love ‘New Man’ and ‘Gallway Girl’ for a bop around the kitchen when making dinner!


  1. S-Town Podcast

Keeping with the listening theme if I’ve not been listening to Divide I have binge listened to S-Town, the spin off podcast from the people that brought you Serial. This story is around a small town in Alabama when a man called John contacts This American Life to talk through theories of corrupt police and murders. Although these are not the big focus of this podcast – it is around small town life, complicated relationships and friendships. There are 6 episodes in total which are over an hour long but are so compelling and wonderfully narrated.  I listened to all episodes in a matter of days – it is awesome.


  1. Pink Faux Leather Jacket (£59) M&S

My fashion favourite this month was a late buy in the month but I am seriously loving it and it’s this gorgeous jacket from M&S! I popped in to pick up some lunch and left with a jacket (oops). I love the colour – it brings a fresh pop to any outfit which is perfect for spring. I’ve been rocking it with most outfits if I’m honest but it looks especially cute with my embroidered flower jeans from Next (from my spring fashion haul – click here to read!).


  1. Jo Malone – Red Roses Cologne

I am having a real Rose moment – I am addicted. I am still going through the biggest bottle of Rose Jam shower gel from Lush and loving my Diptyque Rose candle, so when I rediscovered my bottle of Jo Malone Rose cologne I did a little happy jig. This smells incredible – it is rose but not overly powdery smelling or too much – it’s gorgeous! I have been using this all month long, I think I am going to have to invest in a new bottle soon!

rose malone

  1. ColourPop Supershock Shadow in Cornelius

I recently did my first ColourPop haul (to read about it click here) and as part of that haul I picked up the shadow in Cornelius. This is such a gorgeous base colour – it’s a warm orangey brown which looks gorgeous all over the lid for a really simple make-up look. I also love the formula of these shadows and they have great lasting power – just amazing.


SO those are everything I’ve been loving the month of March. I am looking forward to a relaxing April with a visit back to Scotland for a week.

Until next time x

























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