How to be a bit more productive!

As part of my goal to be more organised – I thought I would also look into some tips and tricks for being more productive and these are just some of the things that really worked for me in my everyday life but at the office too!

We all have that thing on our list which we are dreading doing because either we just don’t want to do it or it’s a daunting task which we don’t know how to start and I have found tackling this first is the best way to boost your motivation for the rest of the day. Honestly – you will be so pumped you tackled that thing you didn’t want to it feels great. Some people call it ‘eating the frog’ – there are many books about this technique – but this one is the best in my opinion!

Like everyone else, I get distracted quite easily if there are things on my list which I don’t fancy doing, social media is just too tempting. You can lose hours scrolling through Instagram, Facebook, YouTube and Twitter – but there are now some great technology which you can download to help you focus! I have used ‘Freedom’ before which lets you give a list of site to block for a number of hours – meaning you can’t get tempted and have a sneaky scroll!

It is also vital that you take breaks and remember to eat! I am sure you’ve been there too – so much to do that you feel you can’t take a break or a proper lunch break as it feels like wasted time. Trust me, it’s not! Even if it’s only 10 minutes you can get fresh air and it can really help your focus and perspective, especially if your tackling something tricky or you’re not feeling particularly inspired! When it comes to meals – try and eat something balanced – especially breakfast! A meal with some slow release carbs and protein will keep you fuller longer and will help avoid that 3pm crash making you reach for the sugary snacks or caffeine!

Now for potentially the trickiest tip – learn to say no. There is a skill to saying no in a positive way, and it’s all about being honest with yourself if you are self-employed or with your manager. I used to be terrible for saying ‘yes’ to everything thinking it made me look productive and willing, but I ended up overwhelmed and stressed. Now, when things are busy I make a list and prioritise and have an open conversation about what is possible – it makes me far more productive to know my priorities and limits and it’s how I work best!

If you have any productivity tips please leave them below for everyone!

Until next time x



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