Facial SPF’s – My Top Picks

After such a scorching weekend – it has never been more important to make sure your skin is protected. Sun damage can not only make you age, affect your skin pigmentation it can of course lead to cancer. I personally use SPF 50 on my face every single day as part of my skincare routine – no matter the weather or time of year so I like to think I have tried and tested a lot of the years and I wanted to share with you my top picks.

The High End One

I generally love everything Kiehl’s and their Ultra Light Daily Defence UVA / UVB 50+ lotion is no exception. It is a little on the pricer side at £36, however I have bought this around 7 months ago and I use it every day I leave the house and it is still going because a little goes a long way. As it advertises it is a very light cream, it isn’t in anyway greasy and has no noticeable smell.  It soaks into the skin super-fast and doesn’t leave any form of white cast on the skin.

The High Street Option

This Skin Defence SPF 50 is another of my firm favourites and is what came with me to Cuba in January. On the more affordable side at £16 and is a really light cream which as you rub it in turns into a clear lotion which is instantly absorbed into the skin. I also find this has a slight smoothing effect on the skin which makes it perfect for putting under make-up.

The On The Go Hero

So you’ve popped your SPF on in the morning but on really hot days when you’re out and about outside then it is always wise to top up, this is where Bioderma’s Hydrabio Eau de Soin SPF 30 comes in. This is a super hydrating fine mist spray that you can put over your make-up for an extra boost of coverage. It comes in a great handbag size can and it is lovely and refreshing to use and it doesn’t disturb your make-up at all. I’ve used others which make your eye make-up move and smudge as they feel a little on the greasy side but not with this. It is also very purse friendly at £9.

Between these three I feel I am covered and well prepared for anything – bring it on spring and summer sunshine – show me what you’ve got!

Until next time x



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