My Top Tips for Holiday Packing!

As you read this I will be on my way to the airport for a week-long break in my motherland of Scotland. I am lucky enough to have access to a gorgeous lodge in the Scottish countryside every year for a week and I’ve been going every year since I was a little girl, so it holds a very dear place in my heart.

It is no glamourous city break or sunshine holiday but it is one of the places that I can relax the most, which leads me to my first tip for packing – pack for the purpose of the holiday! This sounds simple but it is a skill! I know I am going for a relaxing time and country walks – which means no heels and it’s all about comfort. If you’re going on a city break you’re going to want to pack comfortable but stylish shoes for exploring and a convenient bag so your arms are free for taking photos!

My next top tip is to look at your itinerary and what you’re going to be doing and pack any specific essentials first – this will be things such as swimsuits, fancy dinner heels and then pack your day to day after. Lay everything out in the floor on piles and take a look at the piles – some of them may be bigger than others – so go back through and see if you really do need everything there!

Once you’ve done that, review and pack one less pair of bottoms and a couple of extra basics – that includes underwear! I put everything into a pile and I always pull out one pair of jeans (for one week do I need 3?) and then add in a plain t-shirt and a couple of pairs of extra pants and it never fails me!

FullSizeRender - Copy (16)

Now for putting it in the case and the biggest thing I can recommend is investing in packing cubes! You can pick up a basic set from Amazon for around £15. These are essentially soft zip squares which you can separate your types of clothing into – one for tops, jumpers, dresses, jeans so when it comes to packing at the other end simple. Even better is on your return trip you can fill one with light washing, dark washing and clean items – so you can simply empty into the washing machine!

When it comes to cosmetics – I have a stash of travel essentials which stay in the same bag which I can just pull out and pack – a spare razor and blades, mid-size shower gel and body cream, hair mask, toothpaste, cotton wool and a range of mini face masks. Then all I have to do I pack up my current make-up bag and skincare and I’m good to go!

So, those are some of my packing tips – I hope you find these helpful!
Until next time x



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