April Favourites

April was a mixed month for me, work and life were crazy busy and overwhelming at times, contrasted against a gorgeous slow paced week in Scotland with friends and some family to help charge my batteries. I really took the time to switch off and disconnect for a while (a post all about it soon!). This month’s top 5 fav’s are a bit of a random mix, so here we go!

  1. Jeffree Star Androgyny palette £40

This really has been the only palette I’ve been using on my eyes this month, I have been obsessed.  I have a full review on this palette here, but some quick reasons why I love this; it is crazy pigmented and the shades are super easy to work with. Safe word is the ultimate transition colour. I have been loving experimenting with some different neutrals – like the teal and navy shades. This is a really versatile palette for natural and daring looks and the shadows are so big I can’t imagine hitting pan any time soon!


  1. Kiehl’s Cactus Flower and Tibetan Ginseng Hydrating Mist – £28.50

I have had this for just over two months and I am nearly out of this product already which speaks volume of how much I use it. I have used this at several points in my skincare routine. I often take my make-up off and clean my skin as soon as I get in – so I just spritz this on my face right before I head to bed for the extra shot of hydration. I also use this before and after make-up application to add an extra glow to my skin. I would go as far to say I prefer this to the Tatcha luminous dewy skin mist as this doesn’t feel greasy or effect your eye make-up. To read more about it I’ve got a whole post dedicated here.

FullSizeRender - Copy (18)

  1. Carorunn Premium Scottish Gin – £95

We bought a bottle of this in Scotland to enjoy on holiday and it is flippin delicious – infact I think I like it more than my beloved Hendricks! It is very fresh with a berry tone to it and is apparently served best with a slice of apple. I lost track of how many of these with lots of ice that I enjoyed that week while reading a book and playing a board game. If you haven’t tried it – you need too!


  1. The Muse – Jessie Burton (£3.66 on Kindle)

This was a book I totally devoured on holiday – and it didn’t disappoint. I was a big lover of ‘The Miniaturist’ and I was lucky enough to actually hear Jessie talk about the Muse at the Emerald Street lit festival where I picked this up but it went to the bottom of my insanely large reading pile. I finally got round to enjoying this and I am so annoyed I left it so long. Her writing is truly stunning and she is so descriptive you can’t help but feel emotionally involved in all her characters. This story centres around the unknown history of a painting, jumping from 1967 and 1936 to understand its origins and effects throughout history. It is a stunning read and I recommend anyone to pick it up!


  1. Whittard Alice & Wonderland Tea Pot & Cup (£40, £16)

After a bit of a rough weekend and some crappy news, hubby bought me this stunning teapot just to make me smile. I have been drinking tea out of the pot while reading in Scotland and loved the whole formality of it. I saw the teapot in the window of Whittards and I instantly fell in love, it brings together two of my loves – tea and Disney! I have had this on display in pride of place and am looking forward to the perfect lazy afternoon to enjoy my first cup.

FullSizeRender - Copy (19)

So those are my favourites for the month – In May I am looking forward to celebrating hubby’s birthday and having a bit of a low-key month. I don’t have many plans which I am looking forward too – I want to do a good spring clean of the house and enjoy getting a bit more active, making the most of the lighter evenings!

Until next time x



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