The Importance of Switching Off Once & a While

With social media, smart phones and constant notifications it’s getting more and more difficult to properly switch off. I often feel like there are times when my brain can’t contain any more information or be juggling all my life priorities and goals.

Take a second and try and clear your mind – I mean properly clear it and think about nothing for 15 minutes. When I am at peak stress I can hardly handle 3 minutes let alone 15. So when I was heading to Scotland to my allocated week timeshare, I was determined to take some time for me and just zone out.


I know what you’re thinking – of course it’s easy to switch off when you’re on a break or on holiday, and yes It is easier but I think it’s also prime time for setting up good habits which you can continue when you get back to reality.


While away I took the opportunity to get out in the fresh air for a long walk every day, tried bike rides and even solo swimming just to give myself some silence.


So, what did I learn in this silence? That at this moment in time in life I am struggling with not being in control in various aspects of my life and I am finding it difficult – and admitting that is ok.  I am currently doing a lot of research on goal setting so I can see if I can pinpoint my goals and a path to achieve them, to help give me focus and a feeling of more control.


Give yourself space. Give yourself 15 minutes – you never know what you will find out about yourself and where you are at.

Until next time x


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