My Current Podcast Obsessions

I realise I am late to the party here, but I am officially obsessed with Podcasts, finding new ones and binge listening on my commute and even on an evening when sleep just won’t come!

I initially started off with listening to solely true crime podcasts (of which I’ve included some in here) but recently I have been branching out and have found some real gems – so I thought I should share some of them with you – your ears will thank you!

The High Low

Hosted by Pandora Sykes and Dolly Alderton – this weekly podcast never fails to make me laugh and think at the same time! It is as it says on the tin – an overview of the weekly highbrow conversation mixed with some great social commentary about pop culture. They also give out some great sound advice, aren’t afraid of debate and give some BOMB book recommendations – a great all rounder there’s something for everyone.

Glamour Hey It’s Ok

This never fails to make me smile, outrage me and make me want to tweet along! Hosted by Jo Elvin  Editor in Chief of Glamour magazine – who is frickin hilarious by the way! She says exactly what you’ve always thought but haven’t wanted to! It talks about some ‘hard hittin’ topics – like is it ok to not have any patience? Or Is it OK to break off toxic friendships? They have also had some incredible guests on including Caitlin Moran, Fearne Cotton and Marian Keyes.

Desert Island Discs

I mean do I really need to say anything? A UK institution this is one of my go to listens when I need to relax. I don’t know if its Kirsty’s voice or the ocean sounds at the start but I instantly feel my shoulders drop when I get to listen to a DID episode. I have also found it’s had the ability to turn around my opinion about some people – Jimmy Carr being one! I also found myself crying my eyes out at Marian Keyes episode – some real truths about mental health struggles – incredible.

Ctrl Alt Delete

This is one for the budding authors, activists and feminists out there! Hosted by Emma Gannon she interviews some incredible people who you don’t find on many other podcasts. From YouTubers like Estee Lalonde and Victoria ‘In the Frow’ to business bosses like Seth Godin, Lena Dunham and authors like Elan Mastai and Sophie Kinsella. If you are wanting to be inspired then this is the podcast for you – I always feel ready to take on the world after listening!

No Such Thing as a Fish

I am a big lover of a random fact (I remember it’s something I loved when I first met my hubby he was full of random facts!) and if you do too then this is the podcast to you! It is 4 of the incredibly smart fact finders from UK hit show QI who weekly release their 4 favourite facts which they discuss and delve into in great detail. It is super interesting and at times hilarious! Honestly I’ve learned so much – it’s great.


So if you’ve already listened to it then you know, it is I am not quite sure how to describe it. If it tell you it’s about an antique clock restorer please don’t think this will be a snooze fest. It is an incredibly detailed insight into a small town life through the eyes of the interviewer Brian Reed and John Macklemore. It’s very much about social commentary – life in a small town and it’s effects on those in it. It has shocking twists and it will leave you sadden, speechless and shockingly angry at S-Town. Listen to it – please. Then tweet me (@Megatron1002) so we can discuss!

My Dad Wrote a Porno

If you are looking to wet yourself laughing seriously look no further. I have been in the foulest mood and this is the only thing that can snap me out of it. It is what it says on the tin – it is one guy reading his dads terrible erotica with two of his mates with hilarious consequences. Honestly – if you’re a listener you will never be able to be in the same room with a pomegranate again – trust me!

You Must Remember This

This is one for the history buffs – specifically those who love anything old school Hollywood. This podcasts looks at some of the less glamourous sides of Hollywood including the all the scandal drama and demises. They recently did an entire season named ‘Dead Blondes’ which covers the history and at times sad endings to some of the most famous blondes in history including Gene Kelly and Marylin Munroe. What I love is it doesn’t glamourize old Hollywood – it tells it as it was, a scary and at times hostile place. A really interesting listen.

Up and Vanished

This has to be my current favourite true crime podcast – because it actually played a massive part in the charging of a cold case in America. It is based around a school teacher who vanishes one night and has never been heard of or found since. The case went cold back in 2005 and Payne Lyndsey took it on himself to investigate. You must listen from the beginning to not spoil it as there has been MASSIVE twists in this case of late. It is brilliant.


Phew – so those are all the podcasts you will find me listening too at the moment – there really is something in there for everyone! If you have anything you are listening to that you are loving please let me know!

Until next time x



  1. Badass women’s hour is banging too! Going to try No Such Thing As A Fish while I’m spreadsheet-ing at work tomorrow 👍 xx


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