Books to give you a Boost!

I don’t know about you, but when I am feeling down and out (as I seem to be quite often at the moment) my go to isn’t a tub of ice-cream or a run (as much as I wish it was!) it is my sofa or bed and a book. Not always a fiction book, although sometimes good to escape I love a book that I can pick up and put down and enjoy and ponder without feeling the pressure to understand or focus on the plot.

So I have special stack of books that I add to which are almost like therapy for me, and they all have a different purpose or particular topic which triggers me picking them up. So for those of you who want some new additions to you book shelf or at the point where you’re not sure what could work, here is what I suggest….


…For when you need a kick of motivation…

Nothing gives me more motivation than seeing or in this instance reading about women who kick ass. When I need that boost of feel good hormone and want to gee myself up to shout ‘hell yeah’ I reach for ‘Bad Girls Throughout History’ (£11.18). Essentially this gives a one page summary of some kick ass women and what they did to change history, complete with stunning illustration. I love picking this up and reading one or two to give me a real fire in my belly!

…For when your down and out on your body…

This is one I’ve been reaching for a lot recently – it’s Cameron Diaz’s The Body Book (£11.15) This book is a practical guide to having a healthy life style and body and how this relates to a healthy mind. At the moment I’m having a real tough time with my body, I am not feeling confident and when I feel it’s letting me down I dip into this to remind myself that my body, no matter what shape and size is amazing for getting up and functioning every day and maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

…For when I am just stuck at something…

Top Tips for Life (£25) is a book which has got me out of many a sticky situation! It covers everything from advice on style and beauty to home hacks and gift etiquette, all bundled up in people’s real life examples and funny quips. Reading this often really makes me feel like I’ve got my shit together!!

…For when I am in a negative head space…

When I get into a zone where I am just being a big old negative Nancy I’ve found that Laura Jane Williams, Ice Cream for Breakfast (£10.49) is just the reality slap I need. She makes a very good point – we had it all figured out when we were kids and it’s growing up which has made us anxious and paranoid and frustrated. When a kid doesn’t like something it simply tells you and you don’t do it again, and they manage their time to what makes them happy – I feel we could ALL benefit a little more from doing that!

….For when I want a big of a weep…

We’ve all been there – when the only thing that is going to sort you out is a good ol’ cry! Cherly Strayeds book ‘Tiny Beautiful Things – Advice on Love and Life From Someone Whose Been There’ (£8.99) is a collection of her ‘Dear Sugar’ columns peppered with insights into her own difficulties. It is real and sometimes allows you that little cry whilst reminding you that maybe what you had going on isn’t as bad as possible – it helped me become my own agony aunt.

….For when you need a bit of hope….

Last but by no means least is Happy by Fearne Cotton (£6.99). This book is wonderful and makes you feel that it is totally ok, to not be ok. It talks about her journey to happiness and about the power of embracing the simple things in life, which we can all forget to do. It’s got gorgeous illustrations (from the lady herself) and is just a great book to pick when you need to remind yourself that you’re working on it, it won’t happen overnight but you will get there and you know what – that’s a very comforting thought sometimes.


So, those are my secret weapon books for when I need a bit of motivation and inspiration – I hope that this helps! I can’t recommend a self-love library anymore – trust me you won’t regret it!

Until next time x


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