Getting Back in the Workout Groove

People who have followed my blog for a while will know that I’ve been battling with getting into a healthy eating and workout routine for a while now.

I hit a sweet spot about a year ago when I was going to spin classes and then doing home workouts and I genuinely felt great. I also always think that when I work-out I eat healthier – as it feels like waste to have put yourself through that effort! I then moved to the countryside which although brings with it a lot of benefits, including an outdoor life style it also brought a 4 hour daily commute which see’s me leave the house at 6.30am and get home around 7pm.

I have struggled with trying to get a workout into my new routine, although without the benefits of Deliveroo and Domninos on my doorstep I would say our eating has remained as a whole – pretty healthy.

I have definitely found getting work-outs in regularly is tough and that I just don’t have the disposable income I once did to splurge on classes – but over the past 4 weeks I think I’ve finally cracked a routine and I wanted to share my tips with you on how I finally get over the hump and got my grove back again!

  1. Find a workout that fits your lifestyle

As I mentioned above it’s about finding something that fits in with your life – there is no way these days I can spend an hour in a gym, it just doesn’t work with my lifestyle. If I am working out during the week it’s got to be quick and effective – so HIIT workouts for me are such a winner! Then on weekends I might spend a little bit more time and go for a run or do some at home yoga.

  1. Don’t spend a fortune!

Before I moved I was spending around £100 a month on spin classes. Yup you read that right! Now I have minimal disposable income and can’t really even pay for gym membership but I have realised I don’t have too! There are TONS of apps and YouTube videos out there which are totally free! I pay a small fee to have a ‘The Yoga Studio’ app which gives you up to 60minute yoga classes which I love. I also buy some work-out dvd’s – but you don’t need much and when you have them you can use them as much as you like! My fav’s are Davina’s ones and 30 day shred as they are short – sharp bursts! On YouTube you can’t go wrong with The Body Coach for great at home HIIT sessions which are suited to all levels and if your wanting a gym routine then Carly Rowena does some great ones on there -it’s like having a personal trainer for FREE!

  1. Mix it up!

I get SO bored of doing the same thing all the time – I find that where most people normally know what’s coming and see their progress they get pumped and I am the opposite – if I don’t have to concentrate I get distracted and instead of pushing myself I’m thinking through my to do list in my head!

With time restraints DVD workout’s are a life saver – I am loving Davina’s 5 week fit at the moment as it has lots of short workouts that you can put together to get something quite bespoke. Even still I mix this up with some Jillian Micheals DVD’s (30 day shred has been a long time fav!). I do one of these a week as part of Workout Wednesday (more of that in a minute!) and I then also do either HIIT workout or Spin class online (we have a spin bike in the house!) and then a yoga session on the weekends.

  1. Get a Workout Buddy!

I mentioned ‘Workout Wednesday’ above and this was something that I started with my sister in law. She comes round every Wednesday evening and we do an in house work-out for around 40mins. We usually do a DVD or if it’s nice take the laptop outside and do something in the garden. I have found that having this in is great because we push each other and motivate each other when we really aren’t in the mood! I then find once I’ve smashed it, it gives me the motivation to do more workouts in the week! It’s true what they say, good habits breed good habits!

  1. Stop weighing yourself and beating yourself up

This possibly has been the toughest for me to learn. I would be lying if I said I was happy with my figure right now, I am bigger than I want to be and I was finding if I had been good for a week and eaten right and worked out and then got on the scales and saw no difference I immediately gave up. So now, instead of doing that I go with how I am feeling in myself. I have been beyond busy at work at the moment and stress levels have been pretty high but I genuinely feel without my work-outs I would be feeling a lot worse about everything – they have kept anxiety at bay and kept me feeling alert and focused when I normally would want to hide under my desk!

So, those are my top tips for getting back into the workout groove – I hope these have been helpful to some of you!

Until next time x


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