May Favorites with a Spring/Summer Vibe!

So it is now half way through the year and May was the month where summer really started to happen and we’ve been spending most evenings and weekends doing up our garden. It’s been a month of birthdays (the husbands), BBQ’s, G&T’s and light nights. I can’t pretend it’s all been sweetness and light – I’ve found work and life getting a bit over whelming and I’ve been struggling with some seriously anxious feelings which amounted to a few panic attacks – but I am working through it and making sure I’ve got enough me time planned in to make sure I am taking care of myself.

As always my favourites are quite eclectic, but here we go!

Last month was the launch of the Mac Influencers collection worldwide and I was lucky enough to snap up the Alessandra Stienherr collab and it hasn’t left my handbag since! This is the most perfect pinky nude which goes with any make-up look. It gives a lovely sheen to the lips and is the ultimate your lips but better colour. I wrote a post about the collab including swatches and lip liner recommendations – you can see that here.

FullSizeRender (3)

As we have been doing a lot in the house and buying new furniture, It hasn’t left a huge amount of cash flow for anything else – so I’ve been spending weekends enjoying my garden with a good book. I’ve read a couple of books this month but ‘Small Great Things’ by Jodi Picoult really stands out. I haven’t finished this yet but I am loving it. It has been billed as this century’s To Kill a Mockingbird and I can totally see why. After a white supremacists  baby dies while under the care of a black nurse and the subsequent court case. It is shocking, thought provoking and raw and I can’t recommend it enough.


As the weather has gotten warmer I have been craving iced coffees. I find them super refreshing while still giving me that much needed boost of caffeine! I make them simply by adding a few ice cubes, instant coffee powder, cold water (water that I’ve boiled and left to cool) and half almond milk. It is so delicious – I’ve lost count of how many I’ve enjoyed.


I am sure it’s no surprise I am into podcasts in a big way (you can see my post dedicated to my other fav’s here) and this month a new one launched that I am loving. Anna (The Anna Edit) and Lily (Lilly Pebbles) are some of my fav YouTubers and this month they released ‘At Home With’ – a podcast where the go into the houses of some amazing women and talk careers, fashion, beauty and interiors. It is slick yet relaxed and has brightened up mid-week commutes or sunshine walks.

To continue the sunshine theme of this monthly favourites, I have been LOVING these amazing hexagonal sunglasses from Next. I really wanted some super extra 70’s style sunglasses and when I came across these wonders I instantly had to have them. The rose gold frames and faded lens are stunning and look much more high end than the £15 price tag. I have had so many compliments while wearing these – such a great find!

So, that’s what I’ve been loving in May! I have a lot of posts in the pipeline for June which is super exciting so please make-sure your signed up for notifications in the future!

Until next time x



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