My June Favorites

We are officially halfway through the year and it has for the most part been a scorcher in the UK – summer is definitely here! I have to confess I am an autumn winter girl through and through – I much prefer colder weather, wrapping but in jumpers and blankets and sitting in front of a fire – but this year I am trying to embrace our first summer since moving to the country!

This month’s favourites are very much in two camps – skincare and eye shadow palettes with a random TV show thrown in…! My first favourite has to be the Morphe Copper Spice Palette – I did an entire post dedicated to this with swatches but I have found I’ve been using this most days on my eyes – It really is warm eye shadow heaven! These are super pigmented and last all day – I especially love the metallic shades – I find they just look incredible! It is only £19 which for me is a total no brainer – if this post makes you invest in anything it should be this!

FullSizeRender (2)

If I haven’t been wearing the Morphe palette I have been wearing this little 4 shadow palette from ColourPop called ‘Blow me Away’. I picked this up as part of a fairly large colour pop haul (post coming soon!) and it is peachy summer goodness. I’ve found this a good one for travel too because you can get a super natural warm look or go all out with the pops of pink. I’ve been loving the brightest nectarine colour along my bottom lash line – perfect for a bright flash of colour! These shadows have a bit of fall out but they really pack a punch pigment wise – really cute!


So, from eye makeup to taking make-up off I’ve added some new affordable bits into my skincare routine. I have always felt that investing more money in skincare over make-up was the way to go as if you have a good base then most make-up will look good, but with some new launches coming out I thought I would give them a go.

First is this gorgeous deep cleansing cream from Burts Bee’s. This is such a winner in the warmer weather because it has camomile to calm the skin but also eucalyptus so it gives your face a fresh cooling tingle which is lovely! I use this as my second cleanse and it is comforting but your skin also feels super clean without being drying.


Then to follow that up I’ve been really enjoying this Loreal Aloe Water moisturiser for dry skin – teamed with the above is the perfect fresh face combo. This is a light gel formula which instantly sinks into the skin super quick – it leaves the skin a little tacky which I find makes your make-up last much longer too which is ace! This has replaced some of my more expensive skincare!

FullSizeRender (2).jpg

Last but by no means least my TV favourite of the month is Jane the Virgin. Yes – I am SO late to the party but I found it on Netflix and I love it! I have watched both seasons and I am so itching to see season 3 now. It is a nice, funny drama based on cheesy telenovelas. It is easy watching but I’ve found I’ve laughed and had a little cry – it is great. Not to spoil it too much it’s about a girl (Jane) who is accidently inseminated and gets pregnant despite never having had sex. The baby daddy is someone she had a crush on a while ago but is now engaged to her long term boyfriend. It ends up in a love triangle and touches on family dynamics – all of that stuff. It’s worth a watch if you are looking for some nice summer watching!


So those are all my favourites this month, it’s been a good month personally for some personal and work achievements too – so feeling good going into July!

Until next time x



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