Busy is the New Black – some tips for switching off

Since when did it become the cool thing to go ‘Oh my god I am so busy’ with a big badge of pride? Every time I meet someone in the corridor at work or even on a weekend and utter the words ‘how are you/ how are things’ – I have yet to meet someone who hasn’t said ‘Yeah good but mega/insanely/stupidly busy’.  Now don’t get me wrong – I have been guilty of this myself but I am making a definite effort to stop.

I truly believe that people think the busier they are the more prestigious they are – also with the new wave of ‘FOMO’ thanks to Instagram and twitter being a plethora of ‘missed’ social opportunities.  With the rates of ‘burnout’ in people in their 30’s skiy rocketing I really feel this is a scary trend – I personally know of two people who have had to take medical ‘breaks’ from life.

But I am here to make a stop and come out and say that I prefer not to be busy – I like my own time and although I feel the pressure to be more social I want it to be on my own terms.

So, three things that I have been doing to help switch off – firstly is saying no to events. This is tough but I now have a rule that I will say yes to one social activity a week. Now this is largely because I commute 4 hours a day which means super early starts – so this is largely to help me get sleep and not end up a super cranky biatch by the time Friday comes around!

Next up is making time away from your phone – do something that is just for you. For me that is reading – and I have recently got back into actual books versus my kindle – I have been averaging finishing a book in about a week and half – sometimes quicker if it’s really gripping! IF you want to see what I’ve been reading then I did a whole post on my summer reading list here.

Lastly, it’s all about getting outside for some quiet time – and by this I mean with no headphones. Sounds terrifying right? This is called mindful walking where you focus on your feet and your surroundings. I try and do this at least once a day, usually when I am walking to or from the station on the way home and it has really helped me clear my mind if I am feeling tense.

So those are some of the ways I embracing a slower pace of life and making some time for myself – and I will be challenging myself to not busy brag going forward!

Until next time x


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  1. I am so bad at switching off! I have such a busy old brain sometimes! One thing I’ve found really helps me is colouring in. I was really skeptical at first and felt like a 12 year old buying pens and a colouring book, but I found I can easily get absorbed for a couple of hours and tune out from the world. I’m a convert!


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