Back to Nature – Affordable Natural Skincare Solution’s

I have found recently I have been pairing down my skincare routine and I’ve got much more aware of using natural products on my skin and as we are trying to save money (girl needs a holiday!) I have looked to the high street / drug store for some finds at affordable prices.

First stop was The Body Shop – a given when looking at natural products. I picked up this Camomile solid cleansing balm (£10) – I always like to use a balm as my first cleanse to take my make-up off and I really like this one. As other solid cleansers it melts to an oily consistency which emulsifies as you add water. When you rinse it leaves the skin feeling mega soft – some might not like the slight ‘film’ it leaves on the skin but I don’t mind as It’s my first cleanse and goes once I use my cream cleanser. For this I have been loving the Burts Bee’s Soap Bark & Chamomile deep cleansing cream (£11.49). This is a rich cream cleanser which smells like refreshers sweets which I love!  It is thick and leaves the skin feeling clean but not stripped – also as it includes eucalyptus it leaves you feeling cool and tingly which is so refreshing in the warmer months!

Another range which I’ve been trying out and using on and off for around two months now is the Garnier Skinactive range – the Rose Water one to be specific. This range by Garnier boasts to be 96% natural with anything else to help the longevity of the products. There are a few ranges – Green tea (for combination skin), Honey (for dry skin), Rose (for sensitive skin) and Aloe Vera (for normal skin!).

I personally went for the Rose collection – my skin seems to changing at the moment and in the warmer weather is more combination but it’s also been a bit more sensitive and prone to breakouts than normal – so something soothing and calming sounded perfect.

The cream cleanser is rich and leaves the skin feeling soft – I’ve been reaching for this in the mornings as a quick and easy cleanser. The toner is so refreshing and I’ve been reaching for this day and night to add an extra refreshing step to my routine. The day cream, although the tube is pretty small, a little goes a long way. It is a rich cream but it sinks in and leaves the skin feeling really smooth and gives a great base for make-up application. All in all this is a great range – and you can purchase the entire 3 steps and get change from £20 which is just amazing – it feels you are getting high quality products for a fraction of the cost.

So if you are looking for some more natural options to add into your skincare routine – then these are some solid, affordable buys I can stand by. Next on my list is serums and oils – if you have any recommendations please leave them below!

Until next time!



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