Holiday Skincare – Hand Luggage Edition

routine! I pack everything that I normally own and that is a lot of heavy glass jars and tubs which usually takes up at least ¼ of my suitcase! So you can imagine when me and the hubby booked a 5 day adventure to Venice with only hand luggage I quickly realised my normal habits weren’t going to cut it this time!

I started by browsing on Beauty Bay and Cult Beauty for some travel set’s which I could buy – but they can be super pricey and I also think it’s risky to try out a whole new routine when you are away – so best stick with what works!


So I purchased a travel bottle set from amazon which was only £5.99 and decided to decant the larger items in my core routine. I decanted my cleansing oil (Super Facilist by Una Brenan Vitamin C cleansing Oil), facial spray (Pixi Hydrating Milky Mist), shower gel (Molton Brown Rose & Rhubarb) , body cream (Palmers Coconut and Coco butter cream) and facial moisturiser (Clinique Moisture Surge) into the pots. The set came with a super handy funnel and spatula to help with transferring. I can’t believe how much space this is going to save!


For the rest of my bits and pieces I raided my basket of mini’s that I keep. I get a monthly birch box but I also keep a hold of any gifts with purchase when buying my larger skincare purchases! Clinique are great for this and I managed to get a mini take the day off balm which I’ve repeatedly filled up with my larger size as well as a Take the Day off eye and lip remover, Face Wash and Moisture Surge Concentrate. I also have a mini Luna oil form Sunday Riley which I got as a gift with purchase once in Space NK.


There is always a few mini’s which I have to replenish – mostly haircare, toothpaste and new blades for my Venus Snap razor – which is a total saviour when it comes to travel especially as it comes with this handy case.


Lastly, I like to pamper my skin – I would say I do a pamper routine around twice a week and I like to keep this up on holiday but all of those masks take up space – which is why sheet masks are such a great alternative. I like t pack a face one and some eye patches too – they are light and super easy to pack in.

So there it is – my compact but still super effective skincare routine packed into one bag ready to jet off! I am super impressed with myself!


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